Wednesday, August 28, 2013

wouldn't it be nice.

i work in the industry of people.
my official title is the client experience manager for my office.  
basically, on top of all the party planning i do, i am in charge of making sure everyone who steps foot in our office {client or employee} is having a grand old time.
naturally, i can't MAKE people love their lives.
but i can be happy.
and i can be nice.
and then it's up to them what they turn what i am giving them into.
at least, this is how i see it.

i read an article last week by a person who had observed an occurrence in a fast food restaurant where the client was nothing but rude and mean to the employee helping them.
the thought behind the article was that sometimes the customer service we receive is a mirror of the attitude we are projecting.
projecting...ever heard of that thought?
ladies, we do it all the time with men.
we project our own insecurities onto them and then make it seem like they are being the ridiculous ones and then we break up and are none the better for it.
{yep, don't deny it...we totally do}
newton's law...for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
it's as simple as that.
you want better service? then be a nicer person.
now, there are times where no matter how sugar sweet i am to someone, they are hell bent on being miserable.
but for the most part, 
people light up when you give them a reason to.

case study:
today i had to pursue the dreaded task of purchasing new running shoes.
{yep, 4 days before my 1/2 marathon...i asked for it by thinking i had one more race left in my 5 year old shoes}
i researched the pair i wanted to buy and then BONUS found them on this huge labor day super-sale at BIG 5 for $100 off their normal price.
plus, i had a coupon.
double plus, they are about 20 shades of rainbow bright and totes look like something katy perry would wear.
which is the point of life, right?
i noticed as i was trying them on that a sale sticker was not on my box of shoes, nor any of the other sizes of the particular shoe i was going for.
so i got in line at the cash register to ask what the deal was.
it was a long line.
and the person being helped was doing a return and purchase.
the cashier turned to the line and simply said, 
i apologize for the wait.
while everyone else seemed peeved i shouted, oh it's no problem at all.  we are very fine!
no one backed me up, naturally.
but after a few moments it was my time at the register and i told the girl that the shoes i had were listed at $39.99 online, but still listed as $139.99 here in the store.
she looked at me and said, you know what? i believe you. you can have them for $39.99.
aaaaaand then she proceeded to tell me how hot she thought the customer in front of me was.
i mean i didn't need us to be THAT close so fast...
but just like that...i proved my point.

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