Thursday, August 29, 2013

throwback thursday: the wanted.

a couple of weeks ago a few of my work ladies & moi ventured to the orange county fair to fully participate in this not so new-found boy band craze called the wanted.
we knew absolutely NOTHING about them.
and by nothing this includes their names.
in fact, for days leading up to the concert we debated whether or not they are from australia or the UK.
clueless much?
but lil' kim really wanted to see them so... 
i made the most fandomonious shirts possible to hide our fake obsession,
{fake it til you make it people}
and off to the fair we went.

we soon realized tight tankies and fair food were not the best combination.

but burned off the calories dancing along to songs we didn't know the words to.
needless to say,
the next day i went to target and purchased their cd.
{yep, old soul here who still buys cds}
and we have already planned our rsvp for their big world tour next year con miss carly rae jepsen.
they are precious.
like a pg-13 version of one direction.
so in other words, perfect for our 26 year old selves.

{ps - there was nothing pg-13 about their performance moms, i just had to say that to make myself feel better. your children are safe in their presence}

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