Monday, August 26, 2013

the age of something good & right & real.

i can't lie.
i have been seeing & singing all things red since our adventure at the taylor swift concert on friday night.
best. night. ever.
it ended on an insanely dreamy note, 
but let's back up a moment before we get to THAT occurrence:

a few years ago by a slight ordering mix up i ended up with an extra ticket to the taylor swift's fearless tour and, naturally, my fabulous mother ended up being the taker.
going into the show not really knowing what to expect, we all left in absolute awe by the type of show tay tay put on.
let's just say she ended that show dancing in the middle of rain pouring down on the stage.
since that night i decided every time miss T came to town we needed to be in the audience.
a mother/daughter tradition of the classiest sorts.
{ps - thanks mom for obliging always}

this year i was particularly excited to jam with my girl tay because RED has quickly become my favorite of her collection.
most likely in part to where i am in my life.
i am not living the forever fairytale at the moment, not to say that's a terrible thing. 
rather i am amidst the nitty gritty anthems of learning to like and trust and pursue and love again.
so red it is.

we ditched life for the day and wandered around town for a bit,
tagging ourselves as big city girls.

smart girls drink alike.

outside the grammy museum, it seemed fitting.

we ate a super yum dinner at rosada mexicano across the street from staples and then wandered in for the show.
american idol alumn casey james opened and although his songs were muy boring , that face of his definitely made up for any lost music appeal and he wasn't hard to handle for the 15 minutes he performed.
meanwhile S made her way up to town to join in on the fun.
after james, came ed sheeran.
now folks, i still don't understand the actual sexual appeal of this guy. i really do not.
however, i must say never in my life have i been to a concert 
where 99% of the seats were filled before the opening act went on stage.
those girls knew what they wanted.
despite my lack of attraction, he is an INSANELY talented artist.
his voice is as smooth as butter and his guitar skills could give a few legends a proper run for their money.
he also does some great moves with background track building while on stage and makes sure the audience is 100% involved.
even so much as prompting parents that it was just a concert, so the lyrics don't mean a thing and feel free to let their children sing along to songs like "oh daddy you gotta love me right."
no but that really happened, and i thought my mom was going to come out of her chair.

me and my girl gang.

now time for the real show.
as 3 huge block letters were lowered from the rafters the lights dimmed just a smidge as the summer anthem by swedish duo icona pop, i love it, blared through the stadium 
and i'm not sorry, sometimes you do have to sing i threw your s**t into a bag and pushed it down the stairs at the top of your lungs...
no, taylor isn't in the love story anymore folks.
also, i feel the need to point out the lyrics in the song talk about a boy born in the 70's {ahem, jake gyllenhaal} and a girl born in the 90's {t.swizzle was born in 12/18/ counts}.
yep, it got our show off to a rockin start.
the lights dimmed just a little bit more as lenny kravitz's remake of american woman followed suit.
by the end of it the lights had dimmed completely with the red letters blinking to drum beats and 15000 screaming girls, their mothers and a few fathers ready for the blonde sensation who has managed to captivate the world at the young age of 23.
as the letters rose along to 5 drummers being lifted into the rafters, the sleek silhouette of our star was seen behind a giant sheet as she began to belt out state of grace 
{one of my ABSOLUTE anthem tracks from RED}
by the time the chorus kicked in the sheet dropped and there she was, in her own state of grace...a glittery white blouse, classily short black shorts and, of course, best of all: red sparkly flats.

the entire show was a spectacle to behold.
if you have not seen her live, she is worth every single dime you put into it
she belted out previous hits including sparks fly, a shoop-bop rendition of you belong with me {while wearing an INSANELY perfect red sparkly dress} and mean.
and brought us new ones such as holy ground, red, 22, begin again and my album fav, all too well.
towards the end of the show she pulled out all the stops with a marie antoinette meets the phantom of the opera inspired set for 
i knew you were trouble.

{forget taylor...i want the violinist's job}

and a surprise duet with ellie goulding to her hit  
anything could happen 
 {which fit like a perfect puzzle piece with the feel of this show}.
second to last the stage filled with ballerinas twirling around a life sized music box.
as the lid opened the girl clad if various shades of red for the last 2 hours was now in a white ballgown and those infamous first 7 notes to love story chimed in. 
oh my dear gracious, the crowd. went. wild.
because at the end of the day, after all the heart ache, and all the stories written about her...miss swift is nothing less than a 23 year old girl who will never stop believing in a good love story.
and the fairy tale.

she ended the show as the ring leader of her very own circus {because doesn't love feel like a circus at times?} belting out we are never getting back together with confetti and glitter and a feel that made you think you were at a slumber party with 15,000 of your best friends.
you simply didn't want it to end.

but now let's talk about the very end of the show.
the part where we walked out of the stadium to people on mega phones screaming FREE DIET COKE FOR EVERYONE.  TAKE AS MANY AS YOU CAN CARRY!
guys, this is not a made up dream.
it actually happened.
and as i was standing at the life sized cooler filling my bag with diet cokes i couldn't help but think:
okay taylor, you win.  
you really are the coolest girl on this planet.


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