Friday, August 16, 2013

my fab five friday.

welcome to friday all!
and welcome to a day of following!
{in a very classy, non creepy way}
one of my favorite things about the online community is connecting with people of all types and interests and walks of life over various mediums.
so today's follow-all is dedicated to a community of my favorite larger than life ladies.
{please notice all the Fs i'm throwing in, it's F-riday guys...thank you}
some i have met, some i have not.
but all have opened my mind to various ways of life.
and all have a strength and passion for life that i admire and strive to emulate.

twitter: @nataliekhill
instagram: @nataliekhill
i was introduced to natalie's blog via a recommendation from my darling friend wendy and i have been an addict to the core ever since.
everything she exudes is what i hope to one day have, as well.
confidence, compassion, wit, love, happiness, understanding and intelligence.  her outlook on situations in life is about as real as it comes, the good AND the bad.
i finally met her a couple of years ago at a shaved ice party her family hosted in provo and i can say for certain...she is in person who she is in print.
incredibly gracious.  incredibly fun.
even if not a mormon, her blog {no sex and the city} will have you consistently visiting hoping for updated posts.
ESPECIALLY for all those bachelor/bachelorette fans out there.
and her instagram photos chronicle her life in the big city as a gorgeous broadway star.
so follow, follow her...promise you won't regret her wisdom.

twitter: @samsteeleponder
instagram: @samsteeleponder
2nd instagram {for the fashion, ribbons & curls crowd}: prothirtyone
ponder hails from arizona, but moved to nyc at 18 and got a hostess job at the espn zone in times square as a means of introducing herself to people in the sports world.  it worked, and with a lot of hard work balanced by some clever sass, ms. ponder replaced erin andrews last year on espn's college game day taking the sports world by storm.
she met vikings quarterback christian ponder on twitter and the two were married in a wisconsin court house last christmas.
i admire her ability to stand for what she believes is right amidst a world where certain opinions are not the majority.
she is also WITHOUT A DOUBT thee funniest caption-er on instagram.
so you should probably get with her program.

twitter: @melanie_collins
instagram: @melanie_collins
pinterest: melanie_collins
she loves i need to say more?
miss collins started as a sideline reporter at her now alma matter, Penn State, and is currently the host of yahoo! sports and a contributor for fantasy football on nbcsports thursday afternoons.  but perhaps more fun than watching her battle with the boys of sports, is watching her become the pinning queen of my life. joke.
  guys, her pinterest has the best taste in everything.  
for the sports fans out there, her twitter is a great follow and her instagram {set to private so you do have to request to follow her} is a continual string of photos chronicling her fantastic life.
her motto? fate loves the fearless.
amen girl...A.Men.

instagram: @marymarthac
i met MMC my junior year of college when she began dating my friend/her now husband, andrew.  as fate would have it that year i DID NOT get accepted to the london study abroad program.  the following day andrew, his roommates and mary martha were on my doorstep with a bunch of american goodies and a "who wants to live in england anyway?" song they had co-written.  they were always the crowd that had my back.
that summer they had, what is still to this day, THEE classiest wedding i have ever attended.  i specifically remember at the reception her mother gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear, please don't ever stop being my daughter's friend.  she probably doesn't even remember saying it to me, but they are words i will never forget.  
now this classy lady is meandering the streets of nyc with her almost too cute for real life twin boys.  
her blog is nothing less than an ensemble of the most flawless of tastes and she was named one of the top 15 NYC moms to follow on instagram earlier this year.
she is just one of my absolute favorite people and i know if you click the follow button she will quickly become yours as well.
her sincerity for life is unmatched by any other.

twitter: @danihampton
instagram: @danihampton
this recommendation comes at the true meaning of random.  one day i was perusing a blog and clicked on another blog and then a link to another blog and happened upon danielle's quintessentially perfect space, sometimes sweet.  this former teacher turned incredible blogging mommy gives recommendations on books, recipes, decor and all things life in general.  she also is a fan of pretty little liars, which let's get real, was my sale factor.
okay, not really.
my actual sale factor was her worded perfection and outlook on life.
i admire the world she has created to raise her 
{as of THIS morning} 2 children in.
i admire her openness to everyone and everything.
i admire her strength to not always speak what is popular.
and i admire her willingness to put her opinion out in the open void that can sometimes be nasty internet meanness.
so if you are looking for a little extra fab in your day, hop on over to her always sweetness.

happy following!

{photo via pinterest}

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