Sunday, August 4, 2013

hockey fan seeking hockey fan.

loosing my season hockey date to that great state of hawaii come fall, {selfish much lil bro?} 
and thus am currently accepting applications for the open position.

a few requirements:
1. must accept my consistent narration of events during the game that may include one or two or five words you wouldn't say in front of your grandparents.
2. must understand i make friends with everyone.
no getting embarrassed.
3. must know the difference between off-sides and icing...or be willing to learn.
4. must arrive early to watch pre-game warm ups.  and stay late for the 3 stars of the game.
5. most importantly, and probably the only stipulation that actually matters: 
must carry my diet coke up the stairs.

yah, yah i'm joking.
but like, not really.
2 months til hockey season.

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