Friday, August 9, 2013

favorite friday: the civil wars

the civil wars are back.
and oh my gracious better than before.
if you don't recognize the name, you might recognize {this} tune.
the poison & wine singers made it big while that melody played 
along with some serious grey's anatomy scenage a few years back.
and with their sophomore return they bring a handful of songs so good you will be stuck with the rare dilemma of wanting to: play each one on repeat forever or move on to the next track to then play that one on repeat forever.

but perhaps part of the raw allure in this record is the duo's own civil war.

the album is a diary of their downfall.
and if tension and chemistry had a few tunes these would be them.
after a whirlwind 2011-2012 that involved composing music for a feature film, winning grammy awards, touring with adele and dueting with taylor swift for the hunger games theme track, the twosome embarked on their own tour only to cancel it in november due to "internal discord and irreconcilable differences for their future."
in plain terms...they are no longer speaking to each other.

which means much like the allure of taylor swift singing about a scarf, left at a certain sister's house, of a certain famous ex-boyfriend, that we know to be jake gyllenhaal because we have seen said scarf in tabloid pictures makes all too well a hauntingly relatable song for any girl who has ever given far more than was deserved in a relationship...
this folk duo singing in same old same old, a song about a love too deep to walk away from while knowing something has to change in order to stay, brings a ground breaking reality to the now shattered pair.
in turn creating a musical addiction not often seen on today's scene.

so, folks, if t-swizzle is just too much for you,
{i can't relate, but i know there are like...3 of you out there}
but you love her oh i have been there before lyrics, 
{which let's be honest, are what made her famous} 
i suggest this deep, dirty, southern duo to get your fix.
and you better hop on the train now because at this point, 
there might not be a next time.

must download: same old, same old AND dust to dust

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