Thursday, August 29, 2013

throwback thursday: the wanted.

a couple of weeks ago a few of my work ladies & moi ventured to the orange county fair to fully participate in this not so new-found boy band craze called the wanted.
we knew absolutely NOTHING about them.
and by nothing this includes their names.
in fact, for days leading up to the concert we debated whether or not they are from australia or the UK.
clueless much?
but lil' kim really wanted to see them so... 
i made the most fandomonious shirts possible to hide our fake obsession,
{fake it til you make it people}
and off to the fair we went.

we soon realized tight tankies and fair food were not the best combination.

but burned off the calories dancing along to songs we didn't know the words to.
needless to say,
the next day i went to target and purchased their cd.
{yep, old soul here who still buys cds}
and we have already planned our rsvp for their big world tour next year con miss carly rae jepsen.
they are precious.
like a pg-13 version of one direction.
so in other words, perfect for our 26 year old selves.

{ps - there was nothing pg-13 about their performance moms, i just had to say that to make myself feel better. your children are safe in their presence}

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

wouldn't it be nice.

i work in the industry of people.
my official title is the client experience manager for my office.  
basically, on top of all the party planning i do, i am in charge of making sure everyone who steps foot in our office {client or employee} is having a grand old time.
naturally, i can't MAKE people love their lives.
but i can be happy.
and i can be nice.
and then it's up to them what they turn what i am giving them into.
at least, this is how i see it.

i read an article last week by a person who had observed an occurrence in a fast food restaurant where the client was nothing but rude and mean to the employee helping them.
the thought behind the article was that sometimes the customer service we receive is a mirror of the attitude we are projecting.
projecting...ever heard of that thought?
ladies, we do it all the time with men.
we project our own insecurities onto them and then make it seem like they are being the ridiculous ones and then we break up and are none the better for it.
{yep, don't deny it...we totally do}
newton's law...for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.
it's as simple as that.
you want better service? then be a nicer person.
now, there are times where no matter how sugar sweet i am to someone, they are hell bent on being miserable.
but for the most part, 
people light up when you give them a reason to.

case study:
today i had to pursue the dreaded task of purchasing new running shoes.
{yep, 4 days before my 1/2 marathon...i asked for it by thinking i had one more race left in my 5 year old shoes}
i researched the pair i wanted to buy and then BONUS found them on this huge labor day super-sale at BIG 5 for $100 off their normal price.
plus, i had a coupon.
double plus, they are about 20 shades of rainbow bright and totes look like something katy perry would wear.
which is the point of life, right?
i noticed as i was trying them on that a sale sticker was not on my box of shoes, nor any of the other sizes of the particular shoe i was going for.
so i got in line at the cash register to ask what the deal was.
it was a long line.
and the person being helped was doing a return and purchase.
the cashier turned to the line and simply said, 
i apologize for the wait.
while everyone else seemed peeved i shouted, oh it's no problem at all.  we are very fine!
no one backed me up, naturally.
but after a few moments it was my time at the register and i told the girl that the shoes i had were listed at $39.99 online, but still listed as $139.99 here in the store.
she looked at me and said, you know what? i believe you. you can have them for $39.99.
aaaaaand then she proceeded to tell me how hot she thought the customer in front of me was.
i mean i didn't need us to be THAT close so fast...
but just like that...i proved my point.

{photo by shelley worshman on}

Monday, August 26, 2013

the age of something good & right & real.

i can't lie.
i have been seeing & singing all things red since our adventure at the taylor swift concert on friday night.
best. night. ever.
it ended on an insanely dreamy note, 
but let's back up a moment before we get to THAT occurrence:

a few years ago by a slight ordering mix up i ended up with an extra ticket to the taylor swift's fearless tour and, naturally, my fabulous mother ended up being the taker.
going into the show not really knowing what to expect, we all left in absolute awe by the type of show tay tay put on.
let's just say she ended that show dancing in the middle of rain pouring down on the stage.
since that night i decided every time miss T came to town we needed to be in the audience.
a mother/daughter tradition of the classiest sorts.
{ps - thanks mom for obliging always}

this year i was particularly excited to jam with my girl tay because RED has quickly become my favorite of her collection.
most likely in part to where i am in my life.
i am not living the forever fairytale at the moment, not to say that's a terrible thing. 
rather i am amidst the nitty gritty anthems of learning to like and trust and pursue and love again.
so red it is.

we ditched life for the day and wandered around town for a bit,
tagging ourselves as big city girls.

smart girls drink alike.

outside the grammy museum, it seemed fitting.

we ate a super yum dinner at rosada mexicano across the street from staples and then wandered in for the show.
american idol alumn casey james opened and although his songs were muy boring , that face of his definitely made up for any lost music appeal and he wasn't hard to handle for the 15 minutes he performed.
meanwhile S made her way up to town to join in on the fun.
after james, came ed sheeran.
now folks, i still don't understand the actual sexual appeal of this guy. i really do not.
however, i must say never in my life have i been to a concert 
where 99% of the seats were filled before the opening act went on stage.
those girls knew what they wanted.
despite my lack of attraction, he is an INSANELY talented artist.
his voice is as smooth as butter and his guitar skills could give a few legends a proper run for their money.
he also does some great moves with background track building while on stage and makes sure the audience is 100% involved.
even so much as prompting parents that it was just a concert, so the lyrics don't mean a thing and feel free to let their children sing along to songs like "oh daddy you gotta love me right."
no but that really happened, and i thought my mom was going to come out of her chair.

me and my girl gang.

now time for the real show.
as 3 huge block letters were lowered from the rafters the lights dimmed just a smidge as the summer anthem by swedish duo icona pop, i love it, blared through the stadium 
and i'm not sorry, sometimes you do have to sing i threw your s**t into a bag and pushed it down the stairs at the top of your lungs...
no, taylor isn't in the love story anymore folks.
also, i feel the need to point out the lyrics in the song talk about a boy born in the 70's {ahem, jake gyllenhaal} and a girl born in the 90's {t.swizzle was born in 12/18/ counts}.
yep, it got our show off to a rockin start.
the lights dimmed just a little bit more as lenny kravitz's remake of american woman followed suit.
by the end of it the lights had dimmed completely with the red letters blinking to drum beats and 15000 screaming girls, their mothers and a few fathers ready for the blonde sensation who has managed to captivate the world at the young age of 23.
as the letters rose along to 5 drummers being lifted into the rafters, the sleek silhouette of our star was seen behind a giant sheet as she began to belt out state of grace 
{one of my ABSOLUTE anthem tracks from RED}
by the time the chorus kicked in the sheet dropped and there she was, in her own state of grace...a glittery white blouse, classily short black shorts and, of course, best of all: red sparkly flats.

the entire show was a spectacle to behold.
if you have not seen her live, she is worth every single dime you put into it
she belted out previous hits including sparks fly, a shoop-bop rendition of you belong with me {while wearing an INSANELY perfect red sparkly dress} and mean.
and brought us new ones such as holy ground, red, 22, begin again and my album fav, all too well.
towards the end of the show she pulled out all the stops with a marie antoinette meets the phantom of the opera inspired set for 
i knew you were trouble.

{forget taylor...i want the violinist's job}

and a surprise duet with ellie goulding to her hit  
anything could happen 
 {which fit like a perfect puzzle piece with the feel of this show}.
second to last the stage filled with ballerinas twirling around a life sized music box.
as the lid opened the girl clad if various shades of red for the last 2 hours was now in a white ballgown and those infamous first 7 notes to love story chimed in. 
oh my dear gracious, the crowd. went. wild.
because at the end of the day, after all the heart ache, and all the stories written about her...miss swift is nothing less than a 23 year old girl who will never stop believing in a good love story.
and the fairy tale.

she ended the show as the ring leader of her very own circus {because doesn't love feel like a circus at times?} belting out we are never getting back together with confetti and glitter and a feel that made you think you were at a slumber party with 15,000 of your best friends.
you simply didn't want it to end.

but now let's talk about the very end of the show.
the part where we walked out of the stadium to people on mega phones screaming FREE DIET COKE FOR EVERYONE.  TAKE AS MANY AS YOU CAN CARRY!
guys, this is not a made up dream.
it actually happened.
and as i was standing at the life sized cooler filling my bag with diet cokes i couldn't help but think:
okay taylor, you win.  
you really are the coolest girl on this planet.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

i want what i want.

...and so it begins.

happy sunday loves.


Friday, August 16, 2013

my fab five friday.

welcome to friday all!
and welcome to a day of following!
{in a very classy, non creepy way}
one of my favorite things about the online community is connecting with people of all types and interests and walks of life over various mediums.
so today's follow-all is dedicated to a community of my favorite larger than life ladies.
{please notice all the Fs i'm throwing in, it's F-riday guys...thank you}
some i have met, some i have not.
but all have opened my mind to various ways of life.
and all have a strength and passion for life that i admire and strive to emulate.

twitter: @nataliekhill
instagram: @nataliekhill
i was introduced to natalie's blog via a recommendation from my darling friend wendy and i have been an addict to the core ever since.
everything she exudes is what i hope to one day have, as well.
confidence, compassion, wit, love, happiness, understanding and intelligence.  her outlook on situations in life is about as real as it comes, the good AND the bad.
i finally met her a couple of years ago at a shaved ice party her family hosted in provo and i can say for certain...she is in person who she is in print.
incredibly gracious.  incredibly fun.
even if not a mormon, her blog {no sex and the city} will have you consistently visiting hoping for updated posts.
ESPECIALLY for all those bachelor/bachelorette fans out there.
and her instagram photos chronicle her life in the big city as a gorgeous broadway star.
so follow, follow her...promise you won't regret her wisdom.

twitter: @samsteeleponder
instagram: @samsteeleponder
2nd instagram {for the fashion, ribbons & curls crowd}: prothirtyone
ponder hails from arizona, but moved to nyc at 18 and got a hostess job at the espn zone in times square as a means of introducing herself to people in the sports world.  it worked, and with a lot of hard work balanced by some clever sass, ms. ponder replaced erin andrews last year on espn's college game day taking the sports world by storm.
she met vikings quarterback christian ponder on twitter and the two were married in a wisconsin court house last christmas.
i admire her ability to stand for what she believes is right amidst a world where certain opinions are not the majority.
she is also WITHOUT A DOUBT thee funniest caption-er on instagram.
so you should probably get with her program.

twitter: @melanie_collins
instagram: @melanie_collins
pinterest: melanie_collins
she loves i need to say more?
miss collins started as a sideline reporter at her now alma matter, Penn State, and is currently the host of yahoo! sports and a contributor for fantasy football on nbcsports thursday afternoons.  but perhaps more fun than watching her battle with the boys of sports, is watching her become the pinning queen of my life. joke.
  guys, her pinterest has the best taste in everything.  
for the sports fans out there, her twitter is a great follow and her instagram {set to private so you do have to request to follow her} is a continual string of photos chronicling her fantastic life.
her motto? fate loves the fearless.
amen girl...A.Men.

instagram: @marymarthac
i met MMC my junior year of college when she began dating my friend/her now husband, andrew.  as fate would have it that year i DID NOT get accepted to the london study abroad program.  the following day andrew, his roommates and mary martha were on my doorstep with a bunch of american goodies and a "who wants to live in england anyway?" song they had co-written.  they were always the crowd that had my back.
that summer they had, what is still to this day, THEE classiest wedding i have ever attended.  i specifically remember at the reception her mother gave me a big hug and whispered in my ear, please don't ever stop being my daughter's friend.  she probably doesn't even remember saying it to me, but they are words i will never forget.  
now this classy lady is meandering the streets of nyc with her almost too cute for real life twin boys.  
her blog is nothing less than an ensemble of the most flawless of tastes and she was named one of the top 15 NYC moms to follow on instagram earlier this year.
she is just one of my absolute favorite people and i know if you click the follow button she will quickly become yours as well.
her sincerity for life is unmatched by any other.

twitter: @danihampton
instagram: @danihampton
this recommendation comes at the true meaning of random.  one day i was perusing a blog and clicked on another blog and then a link to another blog and happened upon danielle's quintessentially perfect space, sometimes sweet.  this former teacher turned incredible blogging mommy gives recommendations on books, recipes, decor and all things life in general.  she also is a fan of pretty little liars, which let's get real, was my sale factor.
okay, not really.
my actual sale factor was her worded perfection and outlook on life.
i admire the world she has created to raise her 
{as of THIS morning} 2 children in.
i admire her openness to everyone and everything.
i admire her strength to not always speak what is popular.
and i admire her willingness to put her opinion out in the open void that can sometimes be nasty internet meanness.
so if you are looking for a little extra fab in your day, hop on over to her always sweetness.

happy following!

{photo via pinterest}

Thursday, August 15, 2013


guys, are we all roaring this week or what?!?
i sign all my text messages with "roar - (tiger face)" these days.
true story.
if you haven't heard it yet, GET WITH IT HERE PEOPLE.
even non-fans have had to bow down at the feet of the inevitable katy-konversion over this tune.
just listen.
you're welcome for the recommendation.

Friday, August 9, 2013

favorite friday: the civil wars

the civil wars are back.
and oh my gracious better than before.
if you don't recognize the name, you might recognize {this} tune.
the poison & wine singers made it big while that melody played 
along with some serious grey's anatomy scenage a few years back.
and with their sophomore return they bring a handful of songs so good you will be stuck with the rare dilemma of wanting to: play each one on repeat forever or move on to the next track to then play that one on repeat forever.

but perhaps part of the raw allure in this record is the duo's own civil war.

the album is a diary of their downfall.
and if tension and chemistry had a few tunes these would be them.
after a whirlwind 2011-2012 that involved composing music for a feature film, winning grammy awards, touring with adele and dueting with taylor swift for the hunger games theme track, the twosome embarked on their own tour only to cancel it in november due to "internal discord and irreconcilable differences for their future."
in plain terms...they are no longer speaking to each other.

which means much like the allure of taylor swift singing about a scarf, left at a certain sister's house, of a certain famous ex-boyfriend, that we know to be jake gyllenhaal because we have seen said scarf in tabloid pictures makes all too well a hauntingly relatable song for any girl who has ever given far more than was deserved in a relationship...
this folk duo singing in same old same old, a song about a love too deep to walk away from while knowing something has to change in order to stay, brings a ground breaking reality to the now shattered pair.
in turn creating a musical addiction not often seen on today's scene.

so, folks, if t-swizzle is just too much for you,
{i can't relate, but i know there are like...3 of you out there}
but you love her oh i have been there before lyrics, 
{which let's be honest, are what made her famous} 
i suggest this deep, dirty, southern duo to get your fix.
and you better hop on the train now because at this point, 
there might not be a next time.

must download: same old, same old AND dust to dust

Sunday, August 4, 2013

hockey fan seeking hockey fan.

loosing my season hockey date to that great state of hawaii come fall, {selfish much lil bro?} 
and thus am currently accepting applications for the open position.

a few requirements:
1. must accept my consistent narration of events during the game that may include one or two or five words you wouldn't say in front of your grandparents.
2. must understand i make friends with everyone.
no getting embarrassed.
3. must know the difference between off-sides and icing...or be willing to learn.
4. must arrive early to watch pre-game warm ups.  and stay late for the 3 stars of the game.
5. most importantly, and probably the only stipulation that actually matters: 
must carry my diet coke up the stairs.

yah, yah i'm joking.
but like, not really.
2 months til hockey season.

the 411.

well guess the heck what?!?
i was offered my FIRST interview for SportsRants.
he is a hockey player.
and no, i haven't come up with my list of questions yet.
soooo, if you do have anything you are just dying to know about the ins and outs of professional hockey, 
feel free to send questions my way. 
i will do my best to squeeze them in.
{granted, i understand this isn't my season ticket owning crowd}

i am beyond thrilled at the opportunity.
a little nervous.
and naturally, i promised i would behave.
{no but really, that email was exchanged.}
wish me luck.
i hope samantha steele ponder is ready for a new co-host.

{photo via samantha steele ponder instagram}

Thursday, August 1, 2013