Saturday, July 13, 2013

when hollywood hits the ice.

while on the topic of weddings,
{it is summer after all}
let's talk about another wedding of two people, but neither of whom i actually know.
however, i feel like i know her because i love her because she loves a man who loves hockey.
got all that?
the bonus here is that hockey weddings tend to actually last, 
which isn't necessarily a common thread for many sports unions.
so we can fall in love and die a little bit over this couple without that feeling of wondering if we aren't going to be over it by the time they are.
ya know?

last weekend love, actually lovely elisha cuthbert, {i know she has been in other things, but i forever chose to associate her with my fav movie} married toronto maple leafs captain, dion phaneuf.

here is the rundown of everything that makes me happy about this entire situation:
1. it was a traditional catholic service in a cathedral.
2. her hair.
3. those flowers.
5. they got married on prince edward island.
{and all the anne of green gables fans are swooning in unison}
6. they decorated the chapel with maple leaf saplings a la the royal wedding, and hello? he plays for the maple leafs.
7. this is proof that life does go on after losing in the playoffs.
8. nope, still not over that dress.
9.  his teammates were there, which further proves one of the other things i absolutely LOVE about the sport...these people actually like each other.
{most of them do, anyhow}
10. in a country where hockey is life, they let everyone in on the celebration by walking out the front doors of the church.

happy wedding season.
but perhaps more importantly,
happy 3 months until hockey season!

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