Monday, July 22, 2013

the heart of the matter.

other than a fun button i plan to place on the side panel of this blog, i will rarely channel you over to my alter-sports ranting ego and the articles i write on that site.
i mean, justin bieber taught me to never say never, but it will happen less often than more.
however, my weekend article for SportsRants is regarding a story so near and dear to my heart, that i can't leave it alone without a mention for my readers here.

in the wake of this new found trend in which people want to assume the worst for our world,
i refuse to lose faith in humanity.
especially after researching this story.
the story of one man's {who you might recognize} acceptance of another that taught a team, a community and in turn a nation that the beauty of unconditional love is one of the things that makes all the difference to life.

so hop on over and visit thee other me {here}.
the next person you meet could absolutely change your life.
whether they look the part or not.

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