Tuesday, July 23, 2013

happy endings.

oh how perfectly this sums up the post i have been trying to write forever now,
{yes guys, i got it from a hockey twitter...let a princess be}
but could never really write because...
well, because i can't really tell you about it.

but i will say this:
it has now become more apparent to me than ever before just how incredibly blessed i am.
i am nowhere near where i thought i would be at this point in my life.  and very far off from the cookie cutter dreams i still so deeply long for.
and. i. am. okay. with. that.

i wish i could shout from the rooftops the stories of all the dreamy moments i have had this summer.
but those are just for me.
because not everything is meant to be shared.
but if those someones happen to read this i want them to know how truly inspired i was by the generosity, kindness, happiness and genuine love for life they all took the time to share with me.

some experiences don't end where you wished for them to,
but the ending you get turns out to be the perfect fit.
for sometimes the best moments in life truly are the ones you can't tell anyone about,
but you can share the ways they changed you with the world.

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