Friday, July 26, 2013

flashback birthday-day.

when i lived in {small-ish} town, utah the times i got most homesick for a big city were the times i realized there was nothing to do in provo but camp or hike.
after 9pm on a saturday night good luck finding someplace open other than target or the dollar theatre.
let's just say the workers of the orem target knew me and my besties quite well.

needless to say, living back in the big city of civilization is my favorite!
and this year has been nothing short of one amazing experience after another.
many of which i have yet to find the time to share here.
in thinking of allllll the stories i have wrapped in this brain of mine to catch you up on,
AND the fact that today is that little munchkin brother of mine's birthday, i declare a flashback friday birthday special to my favorite day of the year {thus far}.
a day, obviously, shared with the birthday boy. 

it was game 4 of the western conference final and we had 2 seats to the showdown between the chicago blackhawks and the los angeles kings.
we ventured up to LA early on in the day to avoid LA traffic and kings krazies.
we spent our afternoon eating, drinking free coke products and happy to discover we are not the only 2 people who go nuts over hockey. 

we met some fun people from nhl tonight who took our picture "with the cup."
and after all the tears and smiles and cheers and effort i put into watching those darn games,
i feel like i might as well have won the thing myself.
then, much to our surprise, we were approached by the filming crew for hockey night in canada asking if we wanted to introduce the game for the millions of fans watching back in hockey's native land.
jameson's reactions was, "uhhh...are you from the REAL hockey night in canada?"
he was in shock guys, let's forgive him.
after claiming our 60 seconds of fame,
{i let him have the speaking part, hockey was his thing first} 
we headed on into staples center for pre-game warm ups.
we got to be in the FRONT ROW on the ice right next to the tunnel they marched out of.
i was, clearly, in heaven!

after warm-ups we hiked up to our seats, {you don't even want to know how many new pairs of shoes i gave up to afford nosebleed seats during playoff season} ready for the festivities.

the game was WILD!
kings games are...ummm...very LA and just...not my thing.
needless to say i have no desire to ever go to another one.
thankfully hawks fans live ALL over the country and come out by the hundreds if not thousands to any away game possible.
so we had our army behind us. 
and the kings fans were...well...about what you would expect kings fans to be.
they laughed at us.
they called us mid-west white trash.
they said completely demeaning comments to us.
but then as if to only be an ending of a dream in our heads, we won! 
handing the kings their first loss on home ice of the entire playoff season.

oh how sweet it was to watch our new not-so-friends walk out silent after 60 minutes of game time and nothing less than trash talk.
clearly, we stuck around.  duh.
mainly as not to get shot in the parking lot on our way out.
but also to chat with all the other fans and revel in the victory
the family who took that picture was in LA on vacation and the dad flew from chicago that day just for the game and was flying back that night to be at work the next morning.
best fans in hockey? i think yes.
best day of the year? i know yes.

every time they show highlights from the game on a sports station jameson and i look at each other and scream "we were THERE!"
every once in a while life is kind enough to hand you a perfect night.
this one was one of them.

happy birthday jameson!

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