Monday, July 8, 2013

ever, ever after.

well, the wedding is over and the couple is married and i think at the end of the day that's really all that matters, right?
now despite that fact, 
the weekend was FULL of so many fun fun things.
let's just say my brother married into 
THEE coolest family in town.
they all had me laughing 'til i coughed up my diet coke the entire weekend long.
i already voted we celebrate all major holidays together as one big family, just so i can get in on more of the fun.
seriously, they would push the kardashian's into a corner and become the new first fam of television if ever presented with the opportunity.
take a look for yourself at what else got us through the days...

friday afternoon we rolled on down to san diego 
for the rehearsal dinner.
and because my bro/sissy-in-law are thee coolest cats in town they requested a pizza party...A PIZZA PARTY!  
imagine the possibilities and then know it was our reality.

after gorging on pizza and announcing i was going to need to be sewed into my dress the next day, i finished up this fun project with some penmanship.
{thank goodness for those 3rd grade handwriting lessons, right?}
and sweet sara patty caked her way through the night with little summer.

during the ceremony i was on kid watch, summer was excellent in helping me teach eve the ways of the world...first lesson, the importance of a good purse.

ummm...isn't she precious?  this little girl is just as perfect as that perfectly color coordinated outfit would have you think.

then the couple made their big reveal and eve was in on the action.
and can we talk about that dress?
the classiest perfection there is.
isn't sissy a dream?

after pictures and my 3 hour nap {true story} i was in prime form to party with the best table in the place.
so, so, so incredibly blessed to have all these people in our lives!
my little brother and i went to high school with every single one of them, and here they are...10 years later, showing up to my brother's wedding.
{which was an hour and a half away from all of their houses, remember}
yep, i'm lucky.

the best of the best.
sissies for lyfe.

and now you all know where i get my party moves from.
kiks and dad shakin' it on the dance floor.

let's talk about this wedding cake.
i don't like cake, in fact: i hate it.
but i couldn't stop stuffing this into my mouth.
coconut...need i say more?

word to the wise: sis-in-law hates coconut.
naturally, my brother made her eat the biggest piece around.  
she was a good sport about it...and that's what makes them perfect for each other.

no matter what life throws at you,
never stop believing that at one point it will give you the happiest beginning possible.
you just have to have a little faith.
and an aunt who is an excellent matchmaker... 
 for ever, ever after.

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