Saturday, July 27, 2013

birthday hangover.

last night we celebrated lil' bro's birthday in epic style.
meaning red robin.
we ate lots of food.
had lots of laughs.
and opened presents.

a funny thing about me is i LOVE giving presents.
like a kid in a candy store, i just never get over that feeling that wells up in your tummy when a person you love so dear is opening a gift you picked out for them.
it's kind of nerdy...but it is what it is.
jameson has wanted a sidney crosby, winter classic jersey for as long as i can remember.
for those of you not familiar with hockey, he is the best player in the game today.
sid the kid.
he was shooting pucks into his basement dryer at 2 years old.
there is nothing in the game he doesn't do perfectly.
and could potentially give wayne gretzky a run for him money in a show down.
they call wayne the great one.
they call sidney the next one.

women love him because he looks a little something like this:
and can be found attending wild and crazy events like: 
your local justin bieber concert.

in short ladies, he is the good guy of hockey.
and apparently single, so have at it.

now, i have been saving up for forever to buy myself another hawks jersey when i go to the NHL store in NYC next month.
but a few weeks ago decided sometimes hard earned money is better spent on others and purchased the ever coveted crosby jersey for the munchkin's birthday.

i think he liked it.
he might have even cried.
but shhhh, don't telll.

and as expected, it was the best money i have ever spent.

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