Tuesday, June 18, 2013


{currently so busy dear friend E and i have no time to spend together,
so our cars have to be besties in the parking lot, instead}

a sneak peak into life on this tuesday.
i am currently:
wearing: ducks hockey jammies
reading: one fifth avenue by candice bushnell
listening: poison & wine - the civil wars
watching: season 4 of the west wing, season 2 of parenthood, season 4 of alias, mad men, the client list, army wives and about ready to start friday night lights again.
pedicuring: watermelon by essie
planning: sissy-in-law's bachelorette bash, picnic party for work, company picnic for another place, nyc trip in the fall.
texting: jon-michael: advice on finishing touches of my new project. jameson: to break the news that bobby ryan is probably getting traded to the flyers.
pinning: glitter. glitter. and more glitter.
anticipating: the next few days.
carrying: jason wu
crafting: my future.
loving: my girlfriends. i have the best!
obsessed with: summertime. 

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