Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"never been an ending like it."

before game 5 against the la kings became one for the history books, mom sat down to watch with me and asked me why i loved the blackhawks so much.
a few things are obvious: 
my dad is from illinois, their captain is a hottie {duh} and they were the first team i followed when i was learning about the nhl.
but my answer was none of the above.
instead i looked at her and said, because they are without a doubt the classiest organization in hockey.
and y'all knowwww how i love class.
they spend many team practices accompanied by different children from the make a wish foundation {see picture above}.
captain jonathan toews spends many days off wandering the halls of the local children's hospital visiting the kids.
their wives & girlfriends spend ample amounts of time cooking at the local ronald mcdonald house and hosting the "pick a puck" table at the home games benefiting hockey fights cancer.
when they win they salute their fans with raised sticks in the middle of the ice.
and never forget to congratulate everyone in the locker room, right down to the guy who picks their dirty towels up off the floor.

well in case you were one of the few who DID NOT hear me screaming last night,
my beloved blackhawks won the stanley cup in the most heart stopping of fashions by scoring 2 goals within 17 seconds to rebound from being down 2-1 with only 1:20 left in the game.
{did you get all that? no really...did you?}
i was, clearly, beside myself.
the second they won i kicked off those darn Blackhawks wedges i have been wearing for 7 days straight,
{seriously, so uncomfortable}
hugged my mom.
jumped up and down.
spun in circles.
and thanked my dad for putting on the "lucky" patrick kane jersey from my brother's closet with 1:30 left in the game.
{i honestly think my dad won the game for us...no joke}
my team turned their storybook season into a fairytale classic.
and you know what? they deserved it.

but it was what happened outside of those 60 minutes on the ice that proved the words i had spoken to my mom just a few weeks prior to last night.
from the blackhawks franchise chartering a plane yesterday morning to take over 200 friends, families and employees of the team to boston so they could be there for game 6.
to captain toews passing the cup to michael handzus first, the team member who has been in the NHL 15 years and never won a championship.
to the hawks lifting the cup into the stands for their fans to touch.
to the fact that once they landed in chicago instead of going to a fancy party, they headed straight into the streets to party with their fans until 7am this morning.
taking the cup from bar to restaurant to bar to let the owners and patrons hoist the cup themselves.
that even when given everything, they still remembered the most important things...
the parents who sacrificed, the wives who wait alone at home, the employees who work countless hours to keep them going and the fans who pay to wear jerseys with their names on them and buy tickets to their games.
fans love the blackhawks because the blackhawks love their fans.

but enough from me.
i read this article today from the official blackhawks team historian and it honestly brought me to tears.
seriously, read it.
{read me! read me!}
you might just do as i did and become a blackhawks fan.


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