Sunday, June 16, 2013

i'm thee lucky one.

life is moving at this very full speed, blurry pace for me during the current moment.
although, i'm not sad about it.
i mean, i am the one making the plans, after all.
lucky me, this weekend was kind of a break away from the criz-cray.
friday night started on the subject of sushi and gossip with my two favorite human beings on thee entire planet, kar & rach.
wanna know how hectic life is right now?
pretty sure my girlfriends will never let me forget that one either, as i am always the first to arrive and always the first to give anyone who is late severe attitude about it.
i am a loather of all things tardiness.
but on friday, it was my turn to roll in late for the party and they had more than enough fun teasing me about it ;)
they also enjoyed teasing me over my pony-tail,
{i'm brinin' the power pony back one bad hair day at a time} 
and that i had to check three different calendars on my phone before i could make our next girl's night plans.
but dinner was perfect.
we have loved each other for 14 years and our dynamic only gets better and stronger.
pretty sure all the waiters got a huge kick out of the giggling, screaming, arguing {ehhh...discussing?} and crying that happened over our little sushi table.
it's what best friends are for.
to listen to the weight of your world and take it off your shoulders.
i'm one lucky, lucky lady like that.

saturday i ventured down south to celebrate this beautiful bride-to-be.  who also, thankfully, just so happens to be my almost future sissy.

and can i tell you she was just about thee most gracious bride i have ever encountered on a shower day?
some brides tend to forget that the world does not revolve around them.
this one was the complete and exact opposite.
it made me so happy inside that she belongs to my brother.
he deserves the best...and the best is what he is getting.

last night was game night.
my hawks lost.
{thankfully, we still have a few more games left to play}
i can't help but think the loss is all my fault!
well, mine and nick leddy's.
yes nick, i just threw you under that bruin's colored bus.
but i realized about 1/2 way thru the game I HADN'T WORN MY LUCKY SHOES yesterday!
people say hockey fans are susperstious.
and to those people i would say, bravo! you are right.
i walked around the house in them today teasing everyone that i wasn't going to take them off until the hawks won the cup...which will either be in a few days or a few years.
and to be exact, only 1/2 of my heart was kidding when i made that statement.

today has been a lovely father's day.
i gave dad this rockin' barbie card that includes a mirror so he can actually see how cool he is.
because i'm 5 years old and such.
we also suprised him with tickets to the angels game for him and his 4 closest friends {i.e. us} and his favorite yummy treats.
my dad is thee single biggest supporter of all my hopes and dreams in life.
and for that and all the other billion things he is to me, i will be forever grateful.

and that's a wrap on this lady's "relaxing" weekend.
it's off to the races of life again tomorrow morning as the sun rises.
i have SO much in store for thee next few months.
weddings, parties, vacations, new projects...
along with a fun & fabulous & totally out of my league announcement coming soon.
it's almost all wrapped up and ready to present to the world.
keep your fingers crossed.
for me and my hawks ;)

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