Tuesday, June 11, 2013


i don't think people truly understand what it means to watch a hockey game with me.
i went to a playoff game with a friend a few weeks ago and i think he was jaw to the floor shocked at what happens when i take those high heels off and put on a jersey.
i become, like, a whole new woman.

so last saturday night i had a long scheduled date with my tv.
it was the night that, if the blackhawks won, the kings would be officially de-throned and we would not only become the champions of the west, but would punch our one way ticket to the stanley cup finals.
seeing as i am as superstitious as they come,
{not crosby superstitious, but a little loopy} 
i put on my lucky red shirt and sat down in my lucky spot.
well, things were working well for us. 
end of the first period hawks were up 2-0 and it seemed like an easy 40 minutes to go.
let's fast forward 39 minutes and 51 seconds of game time later and the hawks were up 3-2.
we had almost done it.

and with nine, NINE, 9, NIIINNNEEE seconds left in the game...
yep! you guessed it, 
the kings tied it sending my beloved hawks back to the locker room to prep for over-time.
thus, sending me into a door slamming rage back into my room only to start doing full on yoga poses.
i kid you not world, i was literally doing yoga in my room in the dark trying to bring...well, i don't even know what i was trying to bring.
i really should have my own reality show at times.

the first overtime started only for mom to declare, i don't know much about hockey, but they are spending way too much time by your people's net.
seeing as yoga did nothing for me i decided it would be for the best to just get INTO my bed and stare at the ceiling.
do you have a visual yet?
first period of overtime ended as it started.
no goals. on to the next period.

by this point i was a wreck.
like, mom was telling me to calm down and hold her hand kind of wreck.
like a pacing up and down the hallway for 15 minutes of intermission kind of wreck.
like a, oh let's take a sleeping pill because if they lose this i can't go out and get drunk so the next best thing is to sleep it off and hope the world looks better in the morning kind of wreck.
no, but really, i did all of the above.

the 2nd overtime began and still not calm enough to sit i just stood in the doorway of the room only walking closer to the tv to scream at marian hossa for not making that one on one shot.
surely giving my mom pause to wonder how she ever gave birth to a girl like me.
and then this happened...

what happened after this is still a bit blurry to me...
there was a lot of screaming.
spinning around.
crying {?}
and i think i even fell to the floor.
all i know is that, clearly, i needed to be sedated.
which i was, shortly thereafter because oh yes, remember that sleeping pill i took?
this lady was out like a rock 15 minutes after her team won.
what a way to celebrate, huh?

so here we are...
tomorrow is the BIG day!
my heart & soul, thee chicago blackhawks, made it to the Stanley Cup Finals.
puck drops at 7pm central time in the madhouse on madison.
and only fate knows what's in store.
but what i DO know is:
i believe in a girl named chelsea, a boy named patrick, a team named black and a city named chicago.

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