Thursday, June 27, 2013

carrie bradshaw meets the nhl.

so i kind of spilled the big announcement beans early on twitter, and then on facebook, and i am sorry dear loves that you are the last to know.
but i was just so excited i couldn't keep it in any longer!
and also so busy that i haven't really had a moment to sit and type here since the news broke.
so, are you ready for it?
this little lady is one of thee new contributing writers for SportsRants' newest site, 
SportsRants Women.
yep, i get my very own column!
just call me the carrie bradshaw of hockey.
my first article is all published:
it's about the blackhawks, clearly.

so the good news for all of you who love me, but hate sports is: 
there might be just a titch less of it here since more will be moving over there.
and if you have enjoyed my 24/7 blackhawks updates: 
they will still be here, but more so over there.
got all that?

i am slammed with life right now.
i can testify that when it rains it pours does not simply apply to adversity, but happy happenings as well.
everything coming at me right now is good and great and beyond anything i ever thought could happen for me.
so i will take overwhelmed in dreamy realities over relaxed consistency anyday, thank you.

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  1. Congrats Jess! How did it happen? What an amazing opportunity! Excited to hear more about it. You deserve great things!