Sunday, June 23, 2013

b&w of the week.

best dressed of the week:
jennifer lopez 
it's unconventional.  and at first glance almost ugly?  but just look at it twice, and you might fall in love with it like i did.  i am not necessarily a fan of the t-shirt, but i also understand this is what throws the look over the edge of being so gosh darn good.  any other sort of top, paired with the full skirt, would have made it just your everyday, average fancy ball gown.  but the pairing of a plain white tee with the hoop skirt and heels is what makes the look so summer-time brilliant.  i am usually not a fan of anything she wears.  but for this week, and probably this week only, she nailed it.

worst dressed of the week:
sophia bush 
pajamas.  that's what you are thinking, right?  sometimes my preference of what people wear and calling it "ugly" doesn't necessarily mean it is that, it just means it is not my style.  but i don't think in any world and any mirror this looks good.  atleast her makeup is done.  and that's the silver lining right there folks.

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