Thursday, June 27, 2013

carrie bradshaw meets the nhl.

so i kind of spilled the big announcement beans early on twitter, and then on facebook, and i am sorry dear loves that you are the last to know.
but i was just so excited i couldn't keep it in any longer!
and also so busy that i haven't really had a moment to sit and type here since the news broke.
so, are you ready for it?
this little lady is one of thee new contributing writers for SportsRants' newest site, 
SportsRants Women.
yep, i get my very own column!
just call me the carrie bradshaw of hockey.
my first article is all published:
it's about the blackhawks, clearly.

so the good news for all of you who love me, but hate sports is: 
there might be just a titch less of it here since more will be moving over there.
and if you have enjoyed my 24/7 blackhawks updates: 
they will still be here, but more so over there.
got all that?

i am slammed with life right now.
i can testify that when it rains it pours does not simply apply to adversity, but happy happenings as well.
everything coming at me right now is good and great and beyond anything i ever thought could happen for me.
so i will take overwhelmed in dreamy realities over relaxed consistency anyday, thank you.

american girl.

at first i was just simply obsessed with this video because, well you will know why about 6 seconds into watching it.
but now i am just simply obsessed with the song.
am i right, or am i right?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"never been an ending like it."

before game 5 against the la kings became one for the history books, mom sat down to watch with me and asked me why i loved the blackhawks so much.
a few things are obvious: 
my dad is from illinois, their captain is a hottie {duh} and they were the first team i followed when i was learning about the nhl.
but my answer was none of the above.
instead i looked at her and said, because they are without a doubt the classiest organization in hockey.
and y'all knowwww how i love class.
they spend many team practices accompanied by different children from the make a wish foundation {see picture above}.
captain jonathan toews spends many days off wandering the halls of the local children's hospital visiting the kids.
their wives & girlfriends spend ample amounts of time cooking at the local ronald mcdonald house and hosting the "pick a puck" table at the home games benefiting hockey fights cancer.
when they win they salute their fans with raised sticks in the middle of the ice.
and never forget to congratulate everyone in the locker room, right down to the guy who picks their dirty towels up off the floor.

well in case you were one of the few who DID NOT hear me screaming last night,
my beloved blackhawks won the stanley cup in the most heart stopping of fashions by scoring 2 goals within 17 seconds to rebound from being down 2-1 with only 1:20 left in the game.
{did you get all that? no really...did you?}
i was, clearly, beside myself.
the second they won i kicked off those darn Blackhawks wedges i have been wearing for 7 days straight,
{seriously, so uncomfortable}
hugged my mom.
jumped up and down.
spun in circles.
and thanked my dad for putting on the "lucky" patrick kane jersey from my brother's closet with 1:30 left in the game.
{i honestly think my dad won the game for joke}
my team turned their storybook season into a fairytale classic.
and you know what? they deserved it.

but it was what happened outside of those 60 minutes on the ice that proved the words i had spoken to my mom just a few weeks prior to last night.
from the blackhawks franchise chartering a plane yesterday morning to take over 200 friends, families and employees of the team to boston so they could be there for game 6.
to captain toews passing the cup to michael handzus first, the team member who has been in the NHL 15 years and never won a championship.
to the hawks lifting the cup into the stands for their fans to touch.
to the fact that once they landed in chicago instead of going to a fancy party, they headed straight into the streets to party with their fans until 7am this morning.
taking the cup from bar to restaurant to bar to let the owners and patrons hoist the cup themselves.
that even when given everything, they still remembered the most important things...
the parents who sacrificed, the wives who wait alone at home, the employees who work countless hours to keep them going and the fans who pay to wear jerseys with their names on them and buy tickets to their games.
fans love the blackhawks because the blackhawks love their fans.

but enough from me.
i read this article today from the official blackhawks team historian and it honestly brought me to tears.
seriously, read it.
{read me! read me!}
you might just do as i did and become a blackhawks fan.


Sunday, June 23, 2013

one goal.

tomorrow we go to boston for game 6.
the cup will be there too.
waiting in the back...
for us.

boston will surely come at us with everything they have left.
and it will be thee hardest game we have ever played.
they are THAT good.
but so are we.
and i believe. 

one more win.

b&w of the week.

best dressed of the week:
jennifer lopez 
it's unconventional.  and at first glance almost ugly?  but just look at it twice, and you might fall in love with it like i did.  i am not necessarily a fan of the t-shirt, but i also understand this is what throws the look over the edge of being so gosh darn good.  any other sort of top, paired with the full skirt, would have made it just your everyday, average fancy ball gown.  but the pairing of a plain white tee with the hoop skirt and heels is what makes the look so summer-time brilliant.  i am usually not a fan of anything she wears.  but for this week, and probably this week only, she nailed it.

worst dressed of the week:
sophia bush 
pajamas.  that's what you are thinking, right?  sometimes my preference of what people wear and calling it "ugly" doesn't necessarily mean it is that, it just means it is not my style.  but i don't think in any world and any mirror this looks good.  atleast her makeup is done.  and that's the silver lining right there folks.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

you are my tomorrow.

life is hard.
we probably all have more trial refining moments than we are comfortable with.
but it's always beautiful,
if you are looking at it through the right perspective.

happy weekend.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


{currently so busy dear friend E and i have no time to spend together,
so our cars have to be besties in the parking lot, instead}

a sneak peak into life on this tuesday.
i am currently:
wearing: ducks hockey jammies
reading: one fifth avenue by candice bushnell
listening: poison & wine - the civil wars
watching: season 4 of the west wing, season 2 of parenthood, season 4 of alias, mad men, the client list, army wives and about ready to start friday night lights again.
pedicuring: watermelon by essie
planning: sissy-in-law's bachelorette bash, picnic party for work, company picnic for another place, nyc trip in the fall.
texting: jon-michael: advice on finishing touches of my new project. jameson: to break the news that bobby ryan is probably getting traded to the flyers.
pinning: glitter. glitter. and more glitter.
anticipating: the next few days.
carrying: jason wu
crafting: my future.
loving: my girlfriends. i have the best!
obsessed with: summertime. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

another manic monday.

here's to another week.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

i'm thee lucky one.

life is moving at this very full speed, blurry pace for me during the current moment.
although, i'm not sad about it.
i mean, i am the one making the plans, after all.
lucky me, this weekend was kind of a break away from the criz-cray.
friday night started on the subject of sushi and gossip with my two favorite human beings on thee entire planet, kar & rach.
wanna know how hectic life is right now?
pretty sure my girlfriends will never let me forget that one either, as i am always the first to arrive and always the first to give anyone who is late severe attitude about it.
i am a loather of all things tardiness.
but on friday, it was my turn to roll in late for the party and they had more than enough fun teasing me about it ;)
they also enjoyed teasing me over my pony-tail,
{i'm brinin' the power pony back one bad hair day at a time} 
and that i had to check three different calendars on my phone before i could make our next girl's night plans.
but dinner was perfect.
we have loved each other for 14 years and our dynamic only gets better and stronger.
pretty sure all the waiters got a huge kick out of the giggling, screaming, arguing {ehhh...discussing?} and crying that happened over our little sushi table.
it's what best friends are for.
to listen to the weight of your world and take it off your shoulders.
i'm one lucky, lucky lady like that.

saturday i ventured down south to celebrate this beautiful bride-to-be.  who also, thankfully, just so happens to be my almost future sissy.

and can i tell you she was just about thee most gracious bride i have ever encountered on a shower day?
some brides tend to forget that the world does not revolve around them.
this one was the complete and exact opposite.
it made me so happy inside that she belongs to my brother.
he deserves the best...and the best is what he is getting.

last night was game night.
my hawks lost.
{thankfully, we still have a few more games left to play}
i can't help but think the loss is all my fault!
well, mine and nick leddy's.
yes nick, i just threw you under that bruin's colored bus.
but i realized about 1/2 way thru the game I HADN'T WORN MY LUCKY SHOES yesterday!
people say hockey fans are susperstious.
and to those people i would say, bravo! you are right.
i walked around the house in them today teasing everyone that i wasn't going to take them off until the hawks won the cup...which will either be in a few days or a few years.
and to be exact, only 1/2 of my heart was kidding when i made that statement.

today has been a lovely father's day.
i gave dad this rockin' barbie card that includes a mirror so he can actually see how cool he is.
because i'm 5 years old and such.
we also suprised him with tickets to the angels game for him and his 4 closest friends {i.e. us} and his favorite yummy treats.
my dad is thee single biggest supporter of all my hopes and dreams in life.
and for that and all the other billion things he is to me, i will be forever grateful.

and that's a wrap on this lady's "relaxing" weekend.
it's off to the races of life again tomorrow morning as the sun rises.
i have SO much in store for thee next few months.
weddings, parties, vacations, new projects...
along with a fun & fabulous & totally out of my league announcement coming soon.
it's almost all wrapped up and ready to present to the world.
keep your fingers crossed.
for me and my hawks ;)

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


i don't think people truly understand what it means to watch a hockey game with me.
i went to a playoff game with a friend a few weeks ago and i think he was jaw to the floor shocked at what happens when i take those high heels off and put on a jersey.
i become, like, a whole new woman.

so last saturday night i had a long scheduled date with my tv.
it was the night that, if the blackhawks won, the kings would be officially de-throned and we would not only become the champions of the west, but would punch our one way ticket to the stanley cup finals.
seeing as i am as superstitious as they come,
{not crosby superstitious, but a little loopy} 
i put on my lucky red shirt and sat down in my lucky spot.
well, things were working well for us. 
end of the first period hawks were up 2-0 and it seemed like an easy 40 minutes to go.
let's fast forward 39 minutes and 51 seconds of game time later and the hawks were up 3-2.
we had almost done it.

and with nine, NINE, 9, NIIINNNEEE seconds left in the game...
yep! you guessed it, 
the kings tied it sending my beloved hawks back to the locker room to prep for over-time.
thus, sending me into a door slamming rage back into my room only to start doing full on yoga poses.
i kid you not world, i was literally doing yoga in my room in the dark trying to bring...well, i don't even know what i was trying to bring.
i really should have my own reality show at times.

the first overtime started only for mom to declare, i don't know much about hockey, but they are spending way too much time by your people's net.
seeing as yoga did nothing for me i decided it would be for the best to just get INTO my bed and stare at the ceiling.
do you have a visual yet?
first period of overtime ended as it started.
no goals. on to the next period.

by this point i was a wreck.
like, mom was telling me to calm down and hold her hand kind of wreck.
like a pacing up and down the hallway for 15 minutes of intermission kind of wreck.
like a, oh let's take a sleeping pill because if they lose this i can't go out and get drunk so the next best thing is to sleep it off and hope the world looks better in the morning kind of wreck.
no, but really, i did all of the above.

the 2nd overtime began and still not calm enough to sit i just stood in the doorway of the room only walking closer to the tv to scream at marian hossa for not making that one on one shot.
surely giving my mom pause to wonder how she ever gave birth to a girl like me.
and then this happened...

what happened after this is still a bit blurry to me...
there was a lot of screaming.
spinning around.
crying {?}
and i think i even fell to the floor.
all i know is that, clearly, i needed to be sedated.
which i was, shortly thereafter because oh yes, remember that sleeping pill i took?
this lady was out like a rock 15 minutes after her team won.
what a way to celebrate, huh?

so here we are...
tomorrow is the BIG day!
my heart & soul, thee chicago blackhawks, made it to the Stanley Cup Finals.
puck drops at 7pm central time in the madhouse on madison.
and only fate knows what's in store.
but what i DO know is:
i believe in a girl named chelsea, a boy named patrick, a team named black and a city named chicago.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

goodnight moon.

oh hey there, it's me.
remember that vacation i went on?
well, it was great.
but it also gave way to absolutely no sleep.
like, we are talking 2 hours a night MAX.
and then we got home really late and i bounced right up to go to work at 6am the next morning and haven't stopped since.
i am exhausted.
except, that seems like an understatement.
do we know of a stronger word for exhausted?

and it's not just a lack of sleep type thing, 
it's kind of a life type thing.
i am absolutely worn out.
i think i have, what do they call it?
hit a wall...
i didn't ever really know what that meant, 
but now i sorta think i do.
this isn't a depressed thing really, but just a...worn out thing.
where everything in your life requires something of you.
and you have to be there.
even more, you WANT to be there because you are you.
and your joy comes from the joy of those around you.
so you put a happy smile on your face.
and encourage and support and love and handle it all.
not perfectly, but in heels and that's sort of the same thing.

but sometimes at the end of the day i sit down and think,
when is it my turn?

...and THAT, right there, is when the exhaustion settles.
because i am perfectly imperfect at not letting people in.
i don't let people detract from what they do in their lives to help mine.
it just seems so unnecessary to me.
except it's not really.
because here i am worn out. and tired. 
and frustrated. and stressed.
and i just need someone to say the right words.
whatever they may be...

here is to a brighter, little less sleepy tomorrow!