Tuesday, May 21, 2013

tuesday, april 30th.

ever have a particularly bad day?
yah, well today was one of them.
all weekend long i knew the storm was brewing, when you can just feel that the other shoe is going to drop.
and drop that shoe did.
but as the eternal optimist i try to be, whenever i have a particularly rough day i try to focus on all the good days that come in-between the few bad.
so today, whilst in the middle of the tumble, i recalled my most recent perfect day.
tuesday, april 30th.

i woke up that morning kind of like any other day except this was THEE day i had been waiting for, the official start to nhl playoffs!
the ducks were still in it {RIP}, we had a fresh slate ahead of us, and we had tickets to that night’s opening game.
 but even MORE important to moi, the Blackhawks were starting their series against the Minnesota Wild.
double the fun!
i went to work in team colors wearing my orange ruffle dress from ann taylor.
the morning flew by and whilst at lunch with my favorite kardashian, i received an email from the Chicago Blackhawks organization informing me that an article i had submitted to them MONTHS ago was chosen to be published in the playoffs edition of Blackhawks Magazine.
ummm…color me speechless!
MY article and MY picture were going to be in the most important issue of Blackhawks magazine to date?
that english degree hanging on my wall finally paid off.

the day continued until finally it was time to go home.
i turned the Hawks game on the second i got into the car only to hear Minnesota score the first goal of the series. ugh.
minor detor...but moving ahead.
an hour later i arrived at the pond {or honda center, depending on which company you associate the building with} to a welcoming sea of orange and black.
these were my people...hockey people.
naturally thee lil bro was not only already there, 
but the FIRST person in line to get into the stadium.
he then surprised me with our NEW seats!!
due to one INCREDIBLY generous person in our lives, our tickets had been upgraded to the FRONT ROW!!
as in row A. as in on the ice. as in i was going to get to pound on the glass all night long just as i had always dreamed!
thee wild child in me could hardly wait.
they let us into the stadium and flanked us with lots of fun free items.
we made our way down to our seats where we met the next best part of my day, Rhoda.
Rhoda has season tickets and right as i was going to give fair warning of my exuberant cheering tactics {i’m loud and i curse} her husband leaned over and said, “i just want to warn you, she gets a little crazy.”
to which i replied, “honey, i may wear a lot of makeup but i can get just as roudy as one of the boys at these things.”
instant bffs.
Rhoda was just about the friendliest, sassiest, most fun person i have ever met in my life.
it was like meeting who i hope to be 30 years from now.

{my favorite, cam fowler, on the ice for warm ups}

{opening credits: an amazing sight}

after the 1st period the game was tied 1-1, but i was more worried about the hawks score.
i kept telling myself they had probably lost, the day had been SO great already there was no way they were going to win the game.
and then there it was flashing on the jumbo tron, 
hawks win in overtime 2-1!
hallelujah chorus please unite.
{koivu arguing with the ref, naturally}


 {my hockey family}

we spent the rest of the game pounding on the glass, chatting with new friend Rhoda and trying to best those pesky red wings.
with the score tied at 2-2 i had all but given up hope that we would actually win.
no day is THAT perfect.
but it was.
the ducks beat the red wings on the opening night of the playoffs 4-2.
i sat in the front row and watched my little brother cry tears of shear joy as the lights dimmed and the ducks skated out to a sea of orange rally towels and screams louder than your mind can comprehend.
it was the day little old girly moi got published in a hockey magazine.
the day i had one of hundreds of fun lunchies with one of my favorite friends, each of which i try to never take for granted.
it. was. the. perfect. day.

{primary photo via pinterest}

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