Tuesday, May 14, 2013

return of thee king.

as it is the middle of may,
my mind & spare time are in full hockey playoff mode.
it's on my tv at work, on the radio in my car, on my phone messaging alerts, on my tv at home and on my internet home page.
thee little bro and moi live for this stuff.

granted, im cheering for the blackhawks to go all. the. way.
tears will be shed if they don't.
but, seeing as i hope my far in the future address {one day, maybe?} to be in the nyc zipcode i cheer for my future home team third {behind my current home team, anaheim}, as to not subject myself to culture shock during the big move.
i'm smart like that.

the new york rangers came in to the playoff series on the low end of the totem pole with the expectation of getting knocked out pretty early on by the washington capitals and their scoring superstar, hockey legend alexander ovechkin.
but the rangers have a legend of their own.
they call him the king.

the rangers have never won a 7th game outside of madison square garden in franchise history.
they also didn't win a single away game in this current quarter-final series.
meaning at the start of game 7 last night in DC...every odd was against them.
except for the 6'1" ken doll they have in net.
henrik lundqvist.
who didn't let a single goal past him as the rangers went on to beat the washington capitals 5-0 and oust their dreams of winning the 2013 stanley cup.

now ladies, many of you don't understand how a girl who spends her spare time focusing on curls, glitter and bows could give a care in the world about hockey.
so i will finally let you in on my dirty little secret...the men.
baseball players are nice, and football stars have a great back side, but the men of hockey are on a whole different level.
when watching the right team, hockey is the basic equivelant of an armani fashion show if he were to produce a winter line of hard helmuts and oversized sweatshirts.
with a little bit more sweat and blood.

i let my twitter friends in on the news last night,
and thankfully, utah twin jen got the message.
now i dare you NOT to google him.
go ahead and try now.

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