Thursday, May 9, 2013

betty crocker?

yours truly is headed into the kitchen this weekend.
when you grow up with all brothers you are usually the one left in charge to cook when cooking is needed.
and on mother's day children guided cooking is needed.
i mean, i'm not terrified.
but let me tell you the story of this time,
{more like last week} 
when i participated in our Cinco de Mayo Top Chef competition at work and my boss quickly learned that i don't really know how to make guacmole,
{literally looked up a recipe on google that morning}
let alone the proper way to cut a tomato.
he quickly became very concerned for my well being, 
or more for the well being of my future husband.
the best thing i know how to make is reservations.
now, i am not a terrible cook.
but somehow problems always weave my way.
always. always. always.
have you ever ruined those no-nothing roll up and slap em in the oven rolls?
i have.
yep, just burned those suckers right up.
so here goes nothing...
please feel free to drop the bets on how long it will take before i burn myself, the food, or the entire house down.
the silver lining is that my brother bought me an amazing apron so i at least look the part.
and that's half the battle in life, right?

happy mother's day weekend to all.
mine is the best, but i am sure yours are all pretty great too.

{photo via teen vogue}

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