Tuesday, April 23, 2013

scatter my ashes.

people often ask me about the name of this blog.
where is a bergdorf?  what is a bergdorf?  why a bergdorf?
well for starters...bergdorf goodman is a department store on 5th avenue in NYC.
and as for why?  
because it's thee one and only in the world {kind of like moi}.
and something about that kind of uniqueness has always fascinated me.
you have to travel all the way to new york city to find it.
and in a way,
i had to travel all the way to new york city to find me.
who i wanted to be and where i wanted to be and what i wanted to become.
the heart of this west coast girl lies deep in that jungle of tall buildings and never ending lights.
and bg {to many} is the heart of new york.

still curious about all the fuss?
well you are in luck, because guess what is coming to the big screen next week?!?
my heart.  my soul.  my bergdorf's.
and get ready to #GetScattered.

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