Saturday, April 6, 2013

pretty little things.

...a motto i learned from my mother.
she has thee most flawless taste out of anyone i know.
everything placed in our home and everything placed in her closet is done so with the most perfect of touches.
she taught me the importance of quality over quantity.
and that loving nice things isn't a sign of maintenance, it's a sign of certain taste.
i'm a girl who calls nordstrom home, loves chanel lipstick, has a closet full of sky high heels and bought her first burberry coat at age 21.
it means i learned when i was 7 and living off a $5/week chore allowance that you have to save for things you want in life.
you don't get them immediately,
but eventually they become yours.
it also means i'm a girl who calls del taco a treat, owns only 2 pairs of jeans {from target}, uses aqua net hairspray {my dirty little secret}, does pilates from a dvd instead of at a gym, washes her own car and paints her own toes.

everyone has their vices in life.
so before you judge...look at the whole picture.
it will even everything out. i promise.

{photo via patty rodriguez}

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