Wednesday, April 3, 2013

chelsea, chelsea i believe.

last week i might have caught a certain conversation. 
in which one person was announcing to a gaggle of others that some man should snatch me up pretty soon as i tend to know the difference between a de la renta and a marchesa just as easily as i know the difference between an off-sides call and an icing call.
it often surprises people that i can carry on a conversation about a sport and, 
surprise, actually know what i am talking about.
never judge a book by it's cover loves, 
and never judge a girl by her choos.
i'm not discriminatory against my sports, 
but i definitely have my favorite...
hockey. hockey. hockey.
that sweet sweet smell of ice and the sweet sweet site of blood on it.
i crave it every year and this is how it started...

way back before smartphones were the new flip phone, i lived in utah with a blackberry and my little brother lived in ca with a...well, a flip phone.  during that particular hockey season a team called the chicago blackhawks was doing better than expected.
think that year's florida gulf coast cinderella story.
just a few years prior they were among the nhl's worst.
but the great thing about being the worst is you then get to be first when it comes to the draft.
so after a few top round picks in the form of two teenagers named jonathan toews and patrick kane, the hawks were well on their way to rebuilding the dynasty.

enter the 2009-2010 hockey season and my little brother's need for on the minute information.
because of his aforementioned lack of a smart phone while he was on the move for the last few months of his senior year of high school, i became his official go-to score person thanks to something like a blackberry hockey app.
i was in charge of following the playoffs and texting him the deets at the end of each period.
that year, because the ducks hadn't made it far enough, he was rooting for the hawks.
a team i knew nothing about.
however, being as i do genuinely love sports and i have this hidden, yet very deep, competitive drive in me, it was a near instantaneous obsession for me and chi-town.

and the rest is history.
the chicago blackhawks went on to win the stanley cup that year. their first since 1961.
and i became a fan for life.
so here is to bringing it back home to madison ave in 2013.

ps - the fight song for the hawks is chelsea dagger by the fratellis...which is why we all really do believe in a girl named chelsea.

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