Tuesday, April 16, 2013

i can play 'em like a ken doll.

i don't particularly care for demi lovato.
i mean, as a human she amazes me.
as a singer...meh, her songs don't do much for me anymore.
which is probably why when i first heard this song on kiisfm the other week i immediately turned the channel.
or maybe it was my mind subconsciously getting defensive?
because the next day when it was on the radio again i actually listened.
and, oh boy, do we ever have the story of my life on our hands.
now i'm listening on my iphone, ipod and computer 24/7. 
for clarification, no guy has ever made me want to act like a girl.
i pretty much take care of that on my own.
probably a little too much sometimes.
but everything else is painstakingly true...
i'm terrified around the one i love and perfectly me around the one i don't.
how does that work?

baby high heeled steps loves.
baby ones.

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