Sunday, April 7, 2013

b&w of the week.

i was going to wait to post until all those country music ladies up in Vegas had a chance to waltz their red carpet tonight, but seeing as a country star was already my best dressed this week i figured...why not save them for the next.
so without further is your weekly best & worst.

best dressed of the week:
carrie underwood
i know, i know...i picked her a few weeks ago too, but i honestly can't help but die of fashion envy every time this lady walks out in public.  i also FINALLY watched the oprah next chapter with her and her hubby's interview and feel even more in love with her as a person.  her story will never cease to amaze me, but back to her fashion.  here we have the look she chose to sing on american idol this week.  according to fashion week, pastels are hotter than brights for spring and she got the memo, even more who can pull of peach this?  seriously, she is good people.  and although it would not have been my immediate choice, i love that she chose such a stark contrast to the peach with gun metal colored accessories.  it actually keeps the look cleaner than something with lace or sparkle would have been.

worst dressed of the week:
julianne hough
oh this one hurts me to do, but i just call 'em like i see 'em.  i love this girl so much, she is someone i would want to be besties with if i were ever going to enter the hollywood world.  and if that were ever to happen i would quickly rip this out of her closet...i don't care if it is carolina herrera.  the top is fine.  the skirt is ugly, but bearable.  but those shoes!!!  those shoes combined with the borderline yuck of the rest of the outfit is what threw this look over the edge for me.  it reminds me of designer barf.  sorry, but there isn't any other word to really describe it.  it's like she was doing soooo well while dating seacrest {further proof he probably picked her outfits for her} and the second they split he took her fashion sense with him.  double boo.


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  1. What's a girl to do when she breaks up with her A-List man and suddenly no one wants to dress her?