Sunday, April 21, 2013

b&w of the week.

 best dressed of the week:
jamie-lynn sigler
 jamie wore this pamela rolland maternity gown at an event in santa monica, a dress people magazine is calling the most stunning formal maternity gown ever.  i don't know if i would take it that far {i haven't forgotten cate blanchett's maternity wardrobe as easily as they seem to}, but i would put this in the same file.  kim kardashian could take a few pointers in terms of showing off your shape, but wearing clothes that actually fit your body.  clearly, i am obsessed with the beading.  but even more obsessed with the alternate detail of the sheer sleeves and the simple line of beading along the inside of the arm.  this is that kind of attention to fabrics that makes me swoon over a great design.  i love that she kept the hair california-girl simple, but let the dress be as va-va-voom as an upper east side princess would deserve.

worst dressed of the week:
carey mulligan
ummm...did we light up the bat signal pre-tiffany event?
totally understandable gotham.  who wouldn't need backup when classic diamonds are on show...but seriously, who let her out of the house in this?
oh boy!


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