Tuesday, April 2, 2013

b&w of the week.

best dressed of the week:
nicole kidman in oscar de la renta
this woman and her eye for the perfect dress...i don't understand how she does it.  she is always so fresh and edgy.  she has never worn a dress like this in her bajillion years of walking carpets and i guarantee you she will never wear one like it again.  i guess that's a perk of being a fashion superstar and being able to wear literally anything your heart desires.  but having the correct sense of style to always go beyond what she wore previously is a true talent only she and a handful of other people in hollywood have.  i love how the lace and the tulle combine to create the look but one never overpowers the other to make it too much.  this is perhaps even in my top 5 gowns she has ever worn.

worst dressed of the week:
miley cyrus
what is the legend?  say it 3 times fast and he will appear?
beetlejuice. beetlejuice. beetlejuice.
this is only acceptable if winona ryder is your co-star.


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