Tuesday, April 23, 2013

scatter my ashes.

people often ask me about the name of this blog.
where is a bergdorf?  what is a bergdorf?  why a bergdorf?
well for starters...bergdorf goodman is a department store on 5th avenue in NYC.
and as for why?  
because it's thee one and only in the world {kind of like moi}.
and something about that kind of uniqueness has always fascinated me.
you have to travel all the way to new york city to find it.
and in a way,
i had to travel all the way to new york city to find me.
who i wanted to be and where i wanted to be and what i wanted to become.
the heart of this west coast girl lies deep in that jungle of tall buildings and never ending lights.
and bg {to many} is the heart of new york.

still curious about all the fuss?
well you are in luck, because guess what is coming to the big screen next week?!?
my heart.  my soul.  my bergdorf's.
and get ready to #GetScattered.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

b&w of the week.

 best dressed of the week:
jamie-lynn sigler
 jamie wore this pamela rolland maternity gown at an event in santa monica, a dress people magazine is calling the most stunning formal maternity gown ever.  i don't know if i would take it that far {i haven't forgotten cate blanchett's maternity wardrobe as easily as they seem to}, but i would put this in the same file.  kim kardashian could take a few pointers in terms of showing off your shape, but wearing clothes that actually fit your body.  clearly, i am obsessed with the beading.  but even more obsessed with the alternate detail of the sheer sleeves and the simple line of beading along the inside of the arm.  this is that kind of attention to fabrics that makes me swoon over a great design.  i love that she kept the hair california-girl simple, but let the dress be as va-va-voom as an upper east side princess would deserve.

worst dressed of the week:
carey mulligan
ummm...did we light up the bat signal pre-tiffany event?
totally understandable gotham.  who wouldn't need backup when classic diamonds are on show...but seriously, who let her out of the house in this?
oh boy!


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

gatsby? what gatsby?

are we ready for this?
holy hannah i am not sure we are.
3 1/2 weeks. 
i'm there...in the IMAX.
my only sadness is that i am not seeing it with {this} lady. 
i'm sure we will have a major debrief after our simultaneous viewings from 3 states away.
hope her hubby doesn't mind!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

i can play 'em like a ken doll.

i don't particularly care for demi lovato.
i mean, as a human she amazes me.
as a singer...meh, her songs don't do much for me anymore.
which is probably why when i first heard this song on kiisfm the other week i immediately turned the channel.
or maybe it was my mind subconsciously getting defensive?
because the next day when it was on the radio again i actually listened.
and, oh boy, do we ever have the story of my life on our hands.
now i'm listening on my iphone, ipod and computer 24/7. 
for clarification, no guy has ever made me want to act like a girl.
i pretty much take care of that on my own.
probably a little too much sometimes.
but everything else is painstakingly true...
i'm terrified around the one i love and perfectly me around the one i don't.
how does that work?

baby high heeled steps loves.
baby ones.

i'm gonna love you through it.

maybe it's the fact that one of my best friends is currently battling cancer, so when chicago came together for hockey fights cancer a few weeks ago i was bound to lose it.
and maybe it's the fact that things about munchkins hit me harder than the rest.
or maybe it's the fact that it's hockey season so my mind thinks only in terms of 2, 1, or 0 points.
and maybe it's the fact that the song during the video is by the guy who did the music for we bought a zoo.
but anyway you slice it...this made me melt.
and then break down into the ugliest of ugly cries.

it's all in the last 10 seconds... 
may God bless him.  
may God bless anyone and everyone who has had to or is currently battling this awful disease.
and may we stand together with love to fight it.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

game on.

it's official!
the anaheim ducks, that little brother of mine and yours truly are headed to the first game of the playoffs.
tickets don't go on sale to the public until tomorrow, but the joys of social networking gave us a first round draft pick in.

don't worry chicago, i'm coming for you next. 
happy monday eve to all!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

b&w of the week.

i was going to wait to post until all those country music ladies up in Vegas had a chance to waltz their red carpet tonight, but seeing as a country star was already my best dressed this week i figured...why not save them for the next.
so without further delay...here is your weekly best & worst.

best dressed of the week:
carrie underwood
i know, i know...i picked her a few weeks ago too, but i honestly can't help but die of fashion envy every time this lady walks out in public.  i also FINALLY watched the oprah next chapter with her and her hubby's interview and feel even more in love with her as a person.  her story will never cease to amaze me, but back to her fashion.  here we have the look she chose to sing on american idol this week.  according to fashion week, pastels are hotter than brights for spring and she got the memo, even more who can pull of peach this?  seriously, she is good people.  and although it would not have been my immediate choice, i love that she chose such a stark contrast to the peach with gun metal colored accessories.  it actually keeps the look cleaner than something with lace or sparkle would have been.

worst dressed of the week:
julianne hough
oh this one hurts me to do, but i just call 'em like i see 'em.  i love this girl so much, she is someone i would want to be besties with if i were ever going to enter the hollywood world.  and if that were ever to happen i would quickly rip this out of her closet...i don't care if it is carolina herrera.  the top is fine.  the skirt is ugly, but bearable.  but those shoes!!!  those shoes combined with the borderline yuck of the rest of the outfit is what threw this look over the edge for me.  it reminds me of designer barf.  sorry, but there isn't any other word to really describe it.  it's like she was doing soooo well while dating seacrest {further proof he probably picked her outfits for her} and the second they split he took her fashion sense with him.  double boo.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

pretty little things.

...a motto i learned from my mother.
she has thee most flawless taste out of anyone i know.
everything placed in our home and everything placed in her closet is done so with the most perfect of touches.
she taught me the importance of quality over quantity.
and that loving nice things isn't a sign of maintenance, it's a sign of certain taste.
i'm a girl who calls nordstrom home, loves chanel lipstick, has a closet full of sky high heels and bought her first burberry coat at age 21.
it means i learned when i was 7 and living off a $5/week chore allowance that you have to save for things you want in life.
you don't get them immediately,
but eventually they become yours.
it also means i'm a girl who calls del taco a treat, owns only 2 pairs of jeans {from target}, uses aqua net hairspray {my dirty little secret}, does pilates from a dvd instead of at a gym, washes her own car and paints her own toes.

everyone has their vices in life.
so before you judge...look at the whole picture.
it will even everything out. i promise.

{photo via patty rodriguez}

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

chelsea, chelsea i believe.

last week i might have caught a certain conversation. 
in which one person was announcing to a gaggle of others that some man should snatch me up pretty soon as i tend to know the difference between a de la renta and a marchesa just as easily as i know the difference between an off-sides call and an icing call.
it often surprises people that i can carry on a conversation about a sport and, 
surprise, actually know what i am talking about.
never judge a book by it's cover loves, 
and never judge a girl by her choos.
i'm not discriminatory against my sports, 
but i definitely have my favorite...
hockey. hockey. hockey.
that sweet sweet smell of ice and the sweet sweet site of blood on it.
i crave it every year and this is how it started...

way back before smartphones were the new flip phone, i lived in utah with a blackberry and my little brother lived in ca with a...well, a flip phone.  during that particular hockey season a team called the chicago blackhawks was doing better than expected.
think that year's florida gulf coast cinderella story.
just a few years prior they were among the nhl's worst.
but the great thing about being the worst is you then get to be first when it comes to the draft.
so after a few top round picks in the form of two teenagers named jonathan toews and patrick kane, the hawks were well on their way to rebuilding the dynasty.

enter the 2009-2010 hockey season and my little brother's need for on the minute information.
because of his aforementioned lack of a smart phone while he was on the move for the last few months of his senior year of high school, i became his official go-to score person thanks to something like a blackberry hockey app.
i was in charge of following the playoffs and texting him the deets at the end of each period.
that year, because the ducks hadn't made it far enough, he was rooting for the hawks.
a team i knew nothing about.
however, being as i do genuinely love sports and i have this hidden, yet very deep, competitive drive in me, it was a near instantaneous obsession for me and chi-town.

and the rest is history.
the chicago blackhawks went on to win the stanley cup that year. their first since 1961.
and i became a fan for life.
so here is to bringing it back home to madison ave in 2013.

ps - the fight song for the hawks is chelsea dagger by the fratellis...which is why we all really do believe in a girl named chelsea.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

b&w of the week.

best dressed of the week:
nicole kidman in oscar de la renta
this woman and her eye for the perfect dress...i don't understand how she does it.  she is always so fresh and edgy.  she has never worn a dress like this in her bajillion years of walking carpets and i guarantee you she will never wear one like it again.  i guess that's a perk of being a fashion superstar and being able to wear literally anything your heart desires.  but having the correct sense of style to always go beyond what she wore previously is a true talent only she and a handful of other people in hollywood have.  i love how the lace and the tulle combine to create the look but one never overpowers the other to make it too much.  this is perhaps even in my top 5 gowns she has ever worn.

worst dressed of the week:
miley cyrus
what is the legend?  say it 3 times fast and he will appear?
beetlejuice. beetlejuice. beetlejuice.
this is only acceptable if winona ryder is your co-star.


Monday, April 1, 2013

choose happy.

today i read {this} article by the {tattooed Mormon}, and if i hadn't already been laying down to read it probably would have literally stopped me in my high heeled tracks.
not simply because of the journey, but because of the message.
we choose the outcome of each and every day we have on this earth.
if you want to be sad...be sad.
if you want to be offended...be offended.
if you want to sit and count everything that went wrong...
go right ahead. 
but don't you dare pull others into that mood with you.
because at the end of the day it really isn't the fault of the person or the situation you blame for "putting" you there.
it's your own fault for choosing to take it the way you did.
and then for allowing the grump to stick.

I had to make a decision. And it’s a decision I have to make every day. One you have to make every day. Several times a day. And what that is, to choose to get mad. Choose to get offended. Bothered. Confused. Or….not.
The decision to keep going. The decision to be happy and follow the spirit & counsel given….or not. Choose to have faith. Choose to trust. Or not.

if only we all chose to be a little less ruffled, 
and a little more bright.
and by we, i mean me.

{photo via pinterest}