Friday, March 1, 2013

oscar best & oscar worst.

this week has been like a month and a half of time, energy and projects all rolled into one.
but i finally got around to doing my best & worst oscar dresses from sunday night.  and the winners are:

kerry washington
I am absolutely obsessed!! And because I know most people are now thinking, “REALLY?!? Has she lost her mind?” let me tell you why. She is the only human being on this planet who could have worn this dress and not only pulled it off, but gave it that timeless feel when the color and sparkle almost verge on tacky. Her complexion is exquisite. And gold sparkle, when done correctly, is one of the most gorgeous touches you can add to a piece of fabric. I also love that, for good measure, they put a bow on it! She kept the makeup fresh and the hair/jewelry clean. Her movie might not have won, but this carpet was hers for the taking from start to finish. Olivia Pope would be proud.

 anne hathaway
If you know you are going to win why in the world would you wear anything less than the best look so that in 15 years {or in this case I am sure the next day} when you look at the picture of you holding your statue you don’t cringe with fright. The pleats on her boobs are just about the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. However, her hair, makeup and jewelry all look beautiful. Her hair is at that awkward not quite Audrey Hepburn but not quite Natalie Portman short stage and I think it looks great. Not too structured, but not too tussled. But still the worst of the night. I don't care if her original Valentino looked like Amanda Seyfriend's McQueen, you're the winner, people only cared about YOU! 

Anne, I still love you and I still want you to be President. 
No worries, we are good girl.

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