Sunday, March 3, 2013

b & w of the week.

with not a single red carpet to look forward to for at least a few months, the end of awards season is reminiscent to the end of christmas or halloween for me...with a bit of a let down and maybe a tear or two for good measure.  kidding.  sort of.
my favorite part of the season is so obviously thee best & worst dressed of golden globe and oscar fashion albums i post to facebook.
what i love even more is the feedback.
it doesn't matter to me if people don't agree with what i say.
or if they think i'm being too hard on someone.
it's a conversation on fashion...and your like or dislike of it is always up for debate.
just the other day thee mom was visiting with some dear family friends from out of town and they commented on how much they enjoy reading it.
and i'm not sorry but it gives me such a fun, fuzzy, warm feeling when i can share something i so obsessively love with others.
and then i had a thought...why not do it every week?!
therefore, i am instilling thee b & w of the week post.
{all of you can thank the tracy, taylor and aubrey shultz for this}
the posts will be weekly and easy peasy: the best dressed of the week around that little town named hollywood and the unfortunate worst dressed.
done and done.
so here we go...

michelle williams
she wore this Burberry dress to the premiere of OZ this past week and i couldn't stop looking at it.  she is so easily able to keep things fresh and on trend while keeping everything pretty and classic.  she is one of my very favorite modern fashion icons for this very reason.  i love the way she has let her hair grow out just a little bit in the front.  and i love the slight sweetheart neckline that adds just a bit of contrast to the conservative length in the hem. and, of course, with every fashion best...her shoes complete the look for a 100% fashion week best. 

florence welch
i am always so completely confused as to how this happens.  there is absolutely nothing salvageable about this look.  the hair is a mess, the purse is ugly, the over lay is hideous, the under garment is a 1998 britney spears costume change gone wrong and everything sucks in the wrong way to make a very pretty lady look bulgy in all the wrong places.  don't get me wrong flor, i'll forever appreciate how you taught me and julia to eat, pray, love with the dog days are over but a new stylist is a complete must on this week's agenda.

have a look you saw this week that you completely love or hate? 
email it to me:
you might just see it posted here next week.
until then...keep your standards high ladies,
but keep those high heels higher.

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