Wednesday, March 27, 2013

b&w of the week.

vanessa hudgens
what a difference a week makes!  
now i have to come out and admit i can't take complete credit for this choice.  i had already chosen this as the b of the w, but then received a few emails/texts from you lovelies asking me to put this look at the top of our charts for the week.  very happy that when it comes to alice + olivia we can all agree on the fabulocity.  baby v. wore this to promote her film spring breakers {still one of the biggest film mysteries to did that get made?} and even though some in the audience might have been confused as to the purpose of the film, i'm willing to bet no one was confused as to how amazing she looked.  this color is spot on for her. the cut, the hems, the sassy all works just so perfectly.  well done lady, we sincerely forgive you for last week's feather fiasco...but can we forget it? oh sure, why not.

lana del ray
who is she, the bride of frankenstein?  those words should never, ever accompany a description of what you are wearing on the red carpet unless that carpet leads straight into heidi klum's annual halloween extravaganza.  i don't know much about miss lana, so is this normal for her?  whatever it is, it ain't good.  what creeps me out the most are the nails.  only adele can pull those off girl, and even then it is slightly questionable.

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