Saturday, March 30, 2013

learning to fly.

this year is all about change.
change has never scared me; it excites me.
it is the one thing in life that never ceases to fill me with hope,
no matter how hard life may become.
change is never easy, if it was we would all be the most perfect forms of ourselves.
and maybe you are, but i most certainly am not.

i'm learning to save for the future i always thought was too big to be a reality.
i am learning to stand just a little closer to my Savior.
i am learning to hold my tongue just a bit,
but i am learning to stand up for myself just a bit more.
i am learning what it is to be an eternal optimist,
but i am learning what it is to face disappointment.
i am learning what it is to lose,
but i am also learning what it is to finally win.

and from it all,
i am learning to love myself even more.
happy saturday!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

b&w of the week.

vanessa hudgens
what a difference a week makes!  
now i have to come out and admit i can't take complete credit for this choice.  i had already chosen this as the b of the w, but then received a few emails/texts from you lovelies asking me to put this look at the top of our charts for the week.  very happy that when it comes to alice + olivia we can all agree on the fabulocity.  baby v. wore this to promote her film spring breakers {still one of the biggest film mysteries to did that get made?} and even though some in the audience might have been confused as to the purpose of the film, i'm willing to bet no one was confused as to how amazing she looked.  this color is spot on for her. the cut, the hems, the sassy all works just so perfectly.  well done lady, we sincerely forgive you for last week's feather fiasco...but can we forget it? oh sure, why not.

lana del ray
who is she, the bride of frankenstein?  those words should never, ever accompany a description of what you are wearing on the red carpet unless that carpet leads straight into heidi klum's annual halloween extravaganza.  i don't know much about miss lana, so is this normal for her?  whatever it is, it ain't good.  what creeps me out the most are the nails.  only adele can pull those off girl, and even then it is slightly questionable.

Friday, March 22, 2013

my not so blind side.

remember her?
well loves, when you take sandra bullock out of the equation she becomes her...
and that her has been my idol since i first saw  
the blind side.
i can only dream of the day i am as gutsy and sassy in heels and a gucci bag as she is.

but thanks due to march madness i got just a titch closer today.
because i might have tweeted mrs. tuohy.
and she might have noticed me.
and this might have happened...
i can die happy.
just don't forget to bury me with that gucci bag.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

loser like me.

blackhawks lost.
luckily we rematch in chi-town next week.
AND i got to watch this guy skate around all night.
so i wasn't really sad about it.
happy hunting!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

moving up.

oh oprah,
i always knew you were smart.

this is so very uncomfortable at times, isn't it?
when you have to grow and change and learn to adapt.
it's personal.
and it hurts and it heals and it does everything in between.
but in the end, 
when you come out on the other side and look back you realize that taking the first step into the difficult was worth it.
and you stay in that comfort for a short period of time until you see that it is time to move again.
onward and upward.

so here is to moving up...growing.
growing into the people we need to become.


Sunday, March 17, 2013

an indian's life for me.

we have tickets to the big showdown this wednesday night at the honda center.
blackhawks vs. ducks.
sorry pond birds, but you are going down!
it's an indian's life for me.

b&w of the week.

i promise i am not becoming one of those once a week bloggers,
but i also promise life is criz-craz right now so once a week is actually not too bad.
but without further excuse,
here is our best/worst of the week:

carrie underwood
i want this Katherine Feiner dress in my closet stat!  she wore it to the Country to Country Festival this past week in london, and she might just maybe have stole it from kate middleton herself.  it's conservative, but not frumpy.  i love the detailing along the waistline and the hot color matched with the under stated nude pumps.  plus, PINK!  need i say more?  and those country music star curls...don't even get me started.

vanessa hudgens
i feel like this outfit is as much of a mess as everyone says her new movie, spring breakers, is.  i mean, where was she going with this?  the tiki room?  the beading at the top is way too busy to make the amount of feathering in the skirt acceptable.  how many birds lost their winter coats for this dress?  not something i usually worry about unless the final product is ugly...and this is UGLY.  not to mention her hair is full of nothing but blah and her makeup is boring & washed out.  badly done baby v, badly done.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

b & w of the week.

annasophia robb
our 80's carrie bradshaw wore this alice + olivia dress to last sunday night's premiere of cinderella on broadway.  paired with stuart witzman heels, i love the look because it says princess from this decade, without stealing the show from the lady of the night, cinderella herself, {ms. laura osnes}.  it's chic & classic, all the while keeping things fun, flirty and age appropriate.  she is quickly teaching the fashion world that while her and sjp most certainly are not the same person nor the same carrie, the one thing they do have in common is they can make anything look great.

giulianna rancic
guys, i love G.  i watch giulianna & bill with the rest of you and i cried when you cried when they cried at finding out they were having a baby and usually i think this woman can really do no wrong.  but something about all this is just  when you take each of the pieces separately, nothing is terribly tragic.  it's a cute dress, i actually really like the shoes and i am loving her hair sans extensions these days.  but when you smash them all into one look it's a little too much even for my inner flower child.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

b & w of the week.

with not a single red carpet to look forward to for at least a few months, the end of awards season is reminiscent to the end of christmas or halloween for me...with a bit of a let down and maybe a tear or two for good measure.  kidding.  sort of.
my favorite part of the season is so obviously thee best & worst dressed of golden globe and oscar fashion albums i post to facebook.
what i love even more is the feedback.
it doesn't matter to me if people don't agree with what i say.
or if they think i'm being too hard on someone.
it's a conversation on fashion...and your like or dislike of it is always up for debate.
just the other day thee mom was visiting with some dear family friends from out of town and they commented on how much they enjoy reading it.
and i'm not sorry but it gives me such a fun, fuzzy, warm feeling when i can share something i so obsessively love with others.
and then i had a thought...why not do it every week?!
therefore, i am instilling thee b & w of the week post.
{all of you can thank the tracy, taylor and aubrey shultz for this}
the posts will be weekly and easy peasy: the best dressed of the week around that little town named hollywood and the unfortunate worst dressed.
done and done.
so here we go...

michelle williams
she wore this Burberry dress to the premiere of OZ this past week and i couldn't stop looking at it.  she is so easily able to keep things fresh and on trend while keeping everything pretty and classic.  she is one of my very favorite modern fashion icons for this very reason.  i love the way she has let her hair grow out just a little bit in the front.  and i love the slight sweetheart neckline that adds just a bit of contrast to the conservative length in the hem. and, of course, with every fashion best...her shoes complete the look for a 100% fashion week best. 

florence welch
i am always so completely confused as to how this happens.  there is absolutely nothing salvageable about this look.  the hair is a mess, the purse is ugly, the over lay is hideous, the under garment is a 1998 britney spears costume change gone wrong and everything sucks in the wrong way to make a very pretty lady look bulgy in all the wrong places.  don't get me wrong flor, i'll forever appreciate how you taught me and julia to eat, pray, love with the dog days are over but a new stylist is a complete must on this week's agenda.

have a look you saw this week that you completely love or hate? 
email it to me:
you might just see it posted here next week.
until then...keep your standards high ladies,
but keep those high heels higher.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

you had me at hello.

as i was running along the river this morning tom petty's learning to fly came on my ipod.
and immediately i thought...gosh i am a lucky girl.
ohhhh okay, my first thought was actually that sometimes i wish i lived in a cameron crowe film,
and THEN i thought about my luck.
and my blessings.
and how incredibly obsessed with happiness i am right now.

hope you are as in love with your saturday as i am.

Friday, March 1, 2013

oscar best & oscar worst.

this week has been like a month and a half of time, energy and projects all rolled into one.
but i finally got around to doing my best & worst oscar dresses from sunday night.  and the winners are:

kerry washington
I am absolutely obsessed!! And because I know most people are now thinking, “REALLY?!? Has she lost her mind?” let me tell you why. She is the only human being on this planet who could have worn this dress and not only pulled it off, but gave it that timeless feel when the color and sparkle almost verge on tacky. Her complexion is exquisite. And gold sparkle, when done correctly, is one of the most gorgeous touches you can add to a piece of fabric. I also love that, for good measure, they put a bow on it! She kept the makeup fresh and the hair/jewelry clean. Her movie might not have won, but this carpet was hers for the taking from start to finish. Olivia Pope would be proud.

 anne hathaway
If you know you are going to win why in the world would you wear anything less than the best look so that in 15 years {or in this case I am sure the next day} when you look at the picture of you holding your statue you don’t cringe with fright. The pleats on her boobs are just about the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. However, her hair, makeup and jewelry all look beautiful. Her hair is at that awkward not quite Audrey Hepburn but not quite Natalie Portman short stage and I think it looks great. Not too structured, but not too tussled. But still the worst of the night. I don't care if her original Valentino looked like Amanda Seyfriend's McQueen, you're the winner, people only cared about YOU! 

Anne, I still love you and I still want you to be President. 
No worries, we are good girl.