Saturday, February 9, 2013

gladiators in suits.

oh me oh my, i have said it before and i will say it again,
loves...if you are not watching scandal than you are not taking advantage of one of your basic rights as a human being of which you sit on the couch thursday nights with popcorn and a diet coke and get lost in a trashy, soapy, well written, insanely thought out, fabulously dressed, well acted piece of television.
i mean, even oprah is in on this fun.
for all you fashionistas out there you can follow the official pinterest page {here}
to get olivia pope's best looks and makeup tricks.
{armani and gucci heaven!!}
or you can read about the real life olivia pope {here}.
but for the less crafty & historically enthused i simply suggest you just buckle down with the rest of the world on thursday nights and enjoy the scandalous ride.

ps - to maximize your viewing fun, hop on twitter.  the entire cast live tweets on thursday nights for the east coast AND west coast and they are like kids on Christmas morning in terms of how well their show is being received.  for the january 31st episode the fans "broke" twitter with a staggering 2,200 tweets per minute and 5 world wide trending topics. 
it's smile inducing.

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