Monday, February 11, 2013

best vs. worst.

usually i post this fun on facebook,
but since i only have a few dresses to give a shout out to i figured i would let my bloggies in on the action this time.
i think it is a well known fact that i don't love the grammys.
i mean, don't get me wrong...i enjoy any sort of awards show during this season.
but unless your name is t. swift or k. perry i could honestly care less if you win an award,
and don't even get me started on the fashion.
year after year this red carpet only solidifies my opinion that these people are musicians and not budding fashionistas for a very good reason.
heaven help us all...

best {rihanna}
this is living proof that i really am capable of separating the person vs. their outfit.  i can't stand rihanna.  i literally change the station anytime i hear her voice come on my radio.  she just bothers me to no end.  however, you would have to be blind to not appreciate this dress.  she just looks stunning.  from the hair {extensions or wig?} to the nails to the train.  she kept it edgy and classic which i feel is what most people TRY to do at this awards show and most fail miserably.

worst {kimbra}
dear laawwwrrrddd someone escort her to the exit sign.  what is this?!?  i mean, seriously...WHAT IS THIS?!?!  deep down i feel she is just afraid that maybe she is a one hit wonder and is hoping for a slot on next season's dancing with the stars.  otherwise, there is no valid excuse as to how you can walk more than 2 feet thinking this is a good idea.

best {carrie underwood}
i honestly don't think she has ever worn anything i have hated.  the grammys are usually a little bit fashion rock n' roll and i love that she did a complete 180 from that cliche and went for old hollywood glam; same town, different industry.  it's less girly than she usually goes for, but equally as flattering.  i think she is physically incapable of having a fashion mishap.  i mean, even her paparazzi photos look perfect.

worst {jennifer lopez}
from one girl with a ghetto behind to another, we should all know that anything bulky, boxy or flowy is most likely going to make us look like we gained 50 lbs overnight, which is exactly what this dress {ummm...sheet?!?} is doing for her.  the even bigger problem is that her hair is in the most ridiculously tiny top-knot which only accentuates how huge the rest of her looks.  and she is not a huge person by any means.  she has one of hollywood's most enviable bodies, yet ya wouldn't know by lookin' here.  why?!?!

best {katy perry}
i physically get nervous every time this girl hits a carpet.  let's be honest, she misses just as much as she hits. {remember the angel wings a few years ago or did you try and block that from your mind as much as me?}  however, this look is completely flattering to everything about her.  she's got amazing boobs and a tiny waist, why not flaunt it? {ahem...j.lo}.  it's sexy and risky without being trashy.  the color does wonders for her skin tone and i can't say i miss the blue hair of last year's ellie saab look.  i love the embellishment at the top and the contrast of the conservative long sleeves with the uuhhh-not-so-conservative cut out top.  well done katy, my lady.

worst {taylor swift}
eek, this one hurts.  i love her.  you know i love her.  i am just not loving this dress ON her.  i think my one qualm with it is the weird metallic/duck tape framing up front.  the problem is it accentuates the fact that her bones are literally sticking straight out of her chest.  granted, she has always been super thin so nothing has really changed, except that this type of a dress makes her look a bit too skeletal when she usually just looks classy & svelte.  however, all was forgiven the second she stepped out for her circus themed opening number.

best {adele}
guys, i love it.  i know you are not going to love it, but i do.  the pattern is a bit busy, but it's valentino so just let the flower child be.  what i'm crushing on most with this is that my dear adele wore a COLOR!!  i was beginning to think she didn't have it in her.  i just think she looks fun & flirty.  and she yelled at chris brown for not being a gentleman during the ceremony.  and it's valentine's day so why shouldn't she have some fun in red?

worst {beyonce}
girl, i know you are the queen and everything and even took the lights out at the superdome last weekend but put on a damn dress.  the end.

best {nicole kidman}
one thing i appreciate from her is that she never wears the same dress twice and by that i mean the same style.  she is a completely different person everytime she hits up a carpet.  from hem lengths to trains to bodice cuts to waist lines she mixes everything so well.  and now that she is botox free {her words, not mine} and can move that pretty face of her again i feel like all is finally right in my world.  do you feel me on this one?  PS - LOOK AT THOSE SHOES!!

worst {carly rae jepsen}
again, i love this little china doll like my own girlfriend, but everything here is just way too harsh for her tiny frame.  her bangs are a titch too long, her hair is a titch too straight, her makeup a titch too dark, her dress a bit too tin foily.  and i just thought the dress was dull compared to what she could have done.  she is usually so spot on at somehow mixing the tom boy w/ princess glam and i love it.  but here i just feel so blah about the look as a whole.

best {no one}
i really did want to end this on a good note, because who doesn't want a happy ending?
unfortunately, i feel all the other dresses really are ones their wearers woke up this morning regretting.

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  1. Gotta be honest - love your dress reviews every year! Don't always agree (like, I definitely didn't like Adele's dress, though I was happy she wore color for once, too) but that's half the fun! Excited for your review of the Oscars...