Saturday, December 29, 2012

farewell, nyc.

whether we were ready for it or not, or final day in NYC came fast.
we had had an incredible trip up to that point, and definitely weren't going to waste the last bit of our day.
after deciding not to brave the crowds at Times Square in an attempt to see Taylor Swift perform at 7am, we headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to waste away our last few moments in the big city with some of the greatest bits of history.

mary cassatt and renoir are my favorite artists...


view from the top of the met, we were SO lucky as they shut it down for winter the week after we left.

my dearest friend MM even stopped in for lunch on the roof and i got to meet her beautiful twin boys, who are seriously just about the most handsome boys you could ever meet.
i would have loved to spend more time with them all!

after our trip to the Met we headed to the airport and officially said goodbye to our concrete jungle.
i cried. a lot of tears.
there is something about that city that just feels so much like home to me.
until next time new york...

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