Tuesday, January 15, 2013

drumroll puuhhlease...

it's award season loves.
the golden globes kicked off better than i could have planned had i been in charge my self.
anne hathaway wins.
hugh jackman wins.
les miserables wins.
and amanda seyfried showed up in this...
officially my best dress of the night.
and why am i in obsession mode over this?  
because for the first half of the night i hated it.
and then it suddenly hit me that this works so much because it was such a risk.  the brooch at the top saves it from being just another cleavage bearing cut out dress.  the sheer lace keeps it from being something my grandmother would keep in her closet.  and the skirt completes the princess look i am always a sucker for.

oscar season, i do believe we are ready for you.

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