Wednesday, January 2, 2013

a heart full of love.

i don't know if you have taken notice, but i am pretty certain victor hugo had a premonition about the life and looks of eddie redmayne and in that very instance wrote the character of Marius so that 151 years later we can be inspired with a heart full of true love during that usually annoying song that has now become one you never want to end.
oh, sorry...maybe that is just me?

if smitten had a not so dictionarial term my feelings could fill the void.
it's like he is God's gift for those of us secretly, or not so secretly, in love with the underaged vocal stylings of one direction.
cute, british, sings like a dream, hair to keep you in awe for days.
and after reading {this} article in the new york times, i am almost fully convinced he is of a dying breed of gentelman who don't really exist except in hollywood. 
usually on screen, but this time off of it.
pays for dinner. {i don't even know what that is anymore}
models for burberry. {my kryptonite in mens clothing}
completely color-blind. {flaws are endearing guys}
refuses to hire an assistant. {humble}
wins tony awards. {talent}
goes out shopping looking like this. {pocket square much?}
already has a girlfriend. {commitment is a rare commodity}

if you haven't headed out from the holidays to see Les Mis yet, we might have to start with the clearly bigger fish to fry in this scenario.
but if you have, i assume you are already rockin this same boat with me.
am i right, or am i right?

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