Thursday, December 6, 2012

just like miranda & steve: nyc {day 4}

our Sunday in NYC was all about Brooklyn.
we started bright and early at church with S, B and Lil Lil.
one thing i love about being a member of the church is you can go anywhere in the world and it's the same.
the feeling is the same and the people are kind and it is enough to start anyday off right.
than we headed off on our 2 mile walk to the Barclay Center, taking note of the fabulous people of the BK's love of Halloween.
  i don't really know why or how or when it happened but somewhere between church and basketball on our harmless 2 mile stroll, my mood plummeted to about a 0 and my poor, sweet brother had to be excited about the Brooklyn Nets all by himself while i sat on a bench and observed.
okay, let's be was because i hadn't had my diet coke yet. duh.

after worship and sports we had an amazing lunch with our dear friends and then hopped on the subway toward the shores of Coney Island.
we rode thee ever famed Cyclone,

and wandered a bit around the island...

then we had this einstein of an idea that it would be best if we ate MORE food and hit up Nathan's Hot Dogs.
JM decided it was necessary to put his feet in the Atlantic and I decided it was necessary to go get more Diet Coke...
the man has the patience of a saint, i can tell ya that much.

after CI we went back to Carol Gardens and met S, B, and Lil Lil to go walk the Brooklyn Bridge.
dear MM recommended we walk it from the Brooklyn side so we can see the view of the NYC skyline, rather than the Brooklyn one.
genius much?!?

 {this baby was my bestie for the week, love this little lady}

we had a blast on the Miranda & Steve Bridge, and mom refers to it, and then went straight back home to enjoy our best meal of the trip,
namely our around the world frozen cocktail dinner.
S might kill me for shouting this out on the blog because i'm pretty sure we all took an oath before eating that we would never tell, but it was seriously the best.
kinda like our good old college days.
we raided the freezer and cooked every concoction we could find in that house, added a side of diet coke and it was the end to our perfect "restful" day.

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  1. Loved this post!! Miss you so much, Jess! Lily loves and misses you too. Come back and visit again soon. Or better yet, move here! <3