Friday, December 7, 2012

"...and a really great new york": {day 5}

monday, monday, monday.
guys, even the monday's in NYC are better.
who would have thought, right?!?
monday was big in one MAJOR way, but we will get to that later.
we were up and at it again early to get a glimpse of this lovely building before our 10am appt for our bike ride of central park.

this temple is gorgeous.
right across the street from the Empire Hotel.

after nearly killing myself trying to navigate our bikes down the streets of NYC to Central Park, we started the ride...which was by faaarrr one of my favorite parts of the trip.
the best blind decision we made. 
if you ever go, pay the money and just do it!

we rode out to see the one fine day fountain {it's technical name is of no importance to me}, Blair's secret spot in the park on Gossip Girl, the Alice in Wonderland Statue {my favorite story of all time}, the Jackie O. Reservoir and the Shakespeare statues.

once we returned our bikes we ran down and over a few blocks to see if we could find where they were supposedly filming the VERY last episode of gossip girl.
i don't think people really understand my deep and very real love for this show.
okay, that is being a little over dramatic.
but probably not any less serious than i actually am.
i started with it on day one, and when the final day comes in a few weeks i will cry.
but just as i once longed to meet oprah {check that off the list} i have always wished i lived in NYC so i could see them filming this show...

now, back to reality.
we ran. ran. and ran some more.
i think my brother thought all the diet coke and lack of sleep from the past few days had handed me a one way ticket to crazy-town.
untillllll we found this...

 orange has never really been my color, but...that sign!
we followed the arrows up to the next block and came across Milan, thee home of the VanDerWoodsen clan, as any GG fan would known.
and look who was just sort of standing around outside...Miss SVW herself!
 Ivy and Georgina were inside, you can barely see the top of their heads here...still gettin' used to that iPhone. EEK!
 we stood across the street for about 10 minutes watching, listening to this trio of upper east side soccer moms chatter about how it is the end of an era, which made me love them with a real life love.
and then it was time for lunch.
so we followed blake lively, very nonchalantly of course, down the street to her lunch spot and continued on to ours. 
after lunchie we were slated to hit up the Met, not realizing IT IS CLOSED ON MONDAYS!
we switched our Monday & Tuesday plans around and headed a bit south.
we walked around Mile High Park.
well, JM walked...I sat on a bench and enjoyed the incredibly not pretty view.
c'est la vie!

and as if seeing Blake Lively filming her last episode of Gossip Girl wasn't enough for me in one day, it was finally time to pay homage to the show that taught me sometimes it's okay to have shoes instead of children, wear a coat that doesn't match your dress and that 3 best girlfriends can be your soulmates.
oh and that NYC women don't wear scrunchies, but those from macon, georgia sure do. 
we started our self guided sex and the city tour at carrie & miranda's fav yum spot, Magnolia Bakery.
just to finally settle the debate of which coast really makes the best cupcake.

sorry CA, maggie's has ya beat.
in fact, i scarfed that sucker down in one-two-three bites, before JM could even get his camera out in enough time to take a picture.

 and then the time finally came for...that porch!
pretty sure JM thought i was out of my mind for going to the carrie doorstep, until we turned the corner of the street to discover, hey! all the other girls in the world go there! 
so we got in LINE and waited for my much dreamed about carrie bradshaw moment.

after Perry Street it was snap back to real life time and on to Washington Square park.
where we then shopped our way back to Times Square,
shook it at the Shake Shack,
and turned out the dark with Spiderman.
Holy Hell was it BAD!
but not regrettably bad.
because now i can be one of a handful of extremely cultured people in this world who suffered through it.
and it don't know about you, but i kind of think that's something to be proud of.

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  1. Jessica, thanks so much for taking the time to visit Shake Shack on your trip. Hope you had an awesome vacation, and our team can't wait to see you again next time you're in the city!

    -Brandy, Shake Shack