Saturday, November 17, 2012

thee lucky one.

birthdays. birthdays. birthdays.
i am no stranger to a good celebration, but usually in the way of someone else.
ever the party planner, never the attendee.
which is exactly the way i prefer it.
when it comes to my own birthday, 
dear gracious can i be a grump!
lucky for moi, i have a girl gang {as my mother calls them} who forever keep me from being able to be anything but happy & celebrating. weeeeeeee!

we began how all good birthday's truly begin...a middle of the night Twilight screening.
yes, i'm turning 26, no judgement please.

dear Marge kicked friday off good with a VIP lunchie at Houston's restaurant in Irvine,
and then a card that made me cry and cupcakes that made the chubby kid that surely lives inside me cheer for joy.

friday night belonged to my other office divas, kimmie k. & trena b.
KK decided to do it like Katy P. does it and made T do her makeup while she was laying down in bed.
a girl after my own heart.

all dressed up, our somewhere to go was laguna beach!
my girlies took me to my favorite mexican food place and kicked things off with our favorite drinks...
and ended it with fried ice cream and a birthday wish...

this morning i woke up with instructions to be ready by 9:30am for bff Rach to pick me up and whisk me away for a day full of epic surprise.
we started with my favorite breakfast.
don't let anyone say i'm high maintenance so long as i shall live.
with $4.35 you can make me just as happy as putting a pair of manolos in my hand.

rach then proceeded to blindfold me for a loonnggg drive to heaven only knows where.
i had us just about to TJ when we parked and i was un-blinded to...
if this location is strange and unfamiliar to you we probably can't continue with our friendship until you check it out {here}.
katie c. is my queen of queens and her show is nothing less that complete happiness, let alone a sure tale that proves hard work can get you exactly where you dream of being.

i was like a little girl in an american girl doll store for the next 2 hours!
the decor made me giddy with girly holiday delight...

{so i took pictures in the bathroom, you would too}

{you get water in wine glasses with your polish}

{my nail tech lauren, new soul sister for lyfe}
don't worry, the gals invited us to their christmas party in december and we WILL. BE. THERE.

after my reluctance to leave this little slice of heaven, 
we ventured down the 101 for surprise #3 of the day,
lunchie at STACKED annnnnddddd, our other best friend!!
seems like jr. high was just yesterday...actually not, but it sounds really great when you say things like that.

the restaurant was super fancy and fun.
you create your meal from scratch and order on ipads because paper menus are apparently a thing of the past.

and the surprise day ended with my favorite black bag, a side of diet coke and another wish.

i may not be exactly where i once thought i would be at almost 26, but i'm right where i'm meant to be.
surrounded by people who make my world go round.
i have always been and can only hope to continue to be surrounded by incredibly passionate, fun, loving, generous, happy people.
i am lucky.
oh so very, very lucky.
and you know what...i wouldn't trade it for all the money, houses, husbands and kids in the world.

xoxo, the birthday girl.

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