Friday, November 2, 2012

new york, i love you.

with all the recent events on the east coast this past week, it is dumbfounding to believe that i was there exactly two weeks ago when my lovely city of light was still and gentle.
not that it won't return that way, as i am sure it will very soon.
every day in the office i watch Bloomberg TV and my favorite anchor, steph ruhle said recently, if new yorkers had to be something they would be survivors.
isn't she right?

one thing i took such note of when i was roaming those streets all the days and 1/2 the nights was the sense of survival each person that lives there carries with them.
a sense, i believe, they work very hard to keep.
during my visit i realized that new yorkers are not really rude, as they are famed to be, but rather ready to get things done and move to the next item of business.
a quality i have learned to appreciate.
i like to play this game with people in which i am overly friendly and excited about all things life.
i like it because i find so much joy in the reactions i get back in return, which 99% of the time are equally as joyous.
and true to my instinct, nyc didn't fail me.
whether it was the boy at subway selling me a diet coke, the forest ranger at the statue of liberty who suddenly wanted to know my life story, or the people who had the potential to be the last to ever see me breathe in this life as i went up to the 86th floor of the empire state building and dared to look over the edge...

new york is kind when you give it the chance to be.
new york is loving when needed and tough the other days of the week.
new york sparkles in the sunlight,
and somehow finds a way to glisten in the rain.
 because as carrie bradshaw said,
that's the thing about really good friends, 
and a really great Manhattan.

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  1. Love your post! have figured out NYers. :)