Friday, November 30, 2012

i want you back.

lately i have become entirely re-obsessed with this show,
like first season status.
i will be the FIRST person to tell you it went by the wayside in season 2.
i stopped watching.
i think you stopped watching.
i even wrote an i'm never gonna love this show again post about it.
and then something happened called season 4 and i am back to crying during musical numbers, loving my old fav characters again and actually caring what happens in the story line, rather than just watching to see what they sing.
holy oh my!

{remember the outfits from the first song in the first episode...full circle}

{pretty sure kate hudson looking like that after 2 kids is enough to make you never eat again}

the glease episode is by far and away the best ever done.
yes, that would include the if you didn't cry you have no heart grinch christmas epsiode way back when.
as you can see, a few things have changed...
a few breakups.
a new choir teacher.
a few new glee members.
a couple of famous new friends.
and rachel finally said goodbye to sweaters and knee socks.
so just like that...they have me eating out of the palm of their talented little hands again.

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