Tuesday, November 6, 2012

i vote by the soles of my shoes.

i met ann & mitt romney 7 years ago.
rumors were flying that he would one day run for president, but this was far before anyone ever thought they were true.
i had already met mitt at an event earlier that year, and was charmed...as most women around him are.
a few months later i was invited to a dinner he and ann would be attending.
prior to the dinner, we were invited to attend a mix and mingle reception with the romneys.
my friend and i arrived to find a line outside of the dining room because they were over the fire code occupancy limit in the room.
by the time we finally were let in mitt & ann were leaving.
we scurried over to where they were standing to see if maybe we could catch them.
unfortunately, security stopped us and told us they were gone.
right as we turned around to leave the reception and get our seats for dinner, mitt stopped walking, came over to us and said, oh i have lots of time!
he then stopped ann and brought her over to chat with us too.
we took pictures, told ann how pretty she looked, laughed, talked about ridiculous things 19 year olds talk about to governors {huh?}, hugged and then let them on their way.
and that was that.

i don't know much in this world, but i do know this...
romney/ryan 2012

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