Sunday, November 4, 2012

high flying, adored. {nyc: day 2}

our 2nd day in NYC was greeted with a lovely rainstorm...luckily, an expected rainstorm.
we were supposed to go on a bike ride in Central Park, but switched our reservations and headed to the Central Park Zoo, instead.
the great thing about rain is you tend to get the city to yourself, at least until you wander around a museum...more on that later.
we were the first at the zoo that morning and headed straight into thee tropical exhibit.
i mean literally IN the exhibit, as you walk around in there with the animals wandering all about.
 also, i was excited to get out of the blustery cold.
and that excitement lasted all of 2 seconds because the tropics were well...tropical, and hot.
so while i was peeling off my nyc layers, i was greeted by some pretty cute little ones.

and then headed out doors to see a few more cute critters...


and even stayed for the sea lion show put on by my first of many sure to be future nyc husbands.
he was dreamy ladies, trust me.

after the zoo, we headed through central park toward the history museum.
except mother nature seemed to have better plans for us, and we ended up waiting out a torrential down pour in an old toy shop that somewhat secretly exists in the middle of the park. whheee!
on our way to the American Museum on Natural History we found pizza and diet coke to make me a very happy lady.

side note: the people of New York love halloween on a whole new level.
reason #5,492 why i belong there.

we then hit up the museum, along with everyone else in the city, and i thoroughly enjoyed skiping from bench to bench while jm was like a 5 year old in a candy store.
i think this still remains #1 on his list.


we didn't really believe in a thing called rest on the trip, which means after the museum we hopped on the subway and headed down to Columbus Circle and over a bit to chill at The Empire Hotel, a la my favorite Gossip Girls.

we sat in the lobby and jm had to listen to me tell him all about the history of the hotel and the lobby and the roof through the eyes of a Gossip Girl expert.
while exiting The Empire we were stopped by some reporters for ABC News and interviewed about our opinion on fruit bars.
i was just super flattered i looked like a native new yorker.
one point for moi.

we walked over to the Time Warner Building and ate at Bouchon Bakery for dinner, thanks to MM's fabulous recommendation and, let me tell you, BB did not disappoint.
i am talking melt in your mouth buttery, creamy grilled cheese w/ tomato soup.
and i don't even like tomatoes! bible.
i was secretly/not so secretly hoping for a katie holmes/suri sighting, but we were not so lucky.
c'est la vie and on to the next thing...

we had a little extra time before our show so we danced around times square for a while, and did some disney shopping because there is no place like home.
and got major touristy with our photos.
when in rome...

Evita was our Friday show of choice and i had high hopes of Ricky Martin doing a La Vida Loca at curtain call.
well, loves, sadly the later did not happen.
i started a titch worried because i had heard from a few classy mouths that Elena Roger as Evita is a bit difficult to understand/screechy with the voice.
but because the role of Evita is so difficult to sing, 
they usually have two women playing her at one time.
and lucky us, Evita #2/understudy, christina decicco, decided to come out on a friday night and WOW...ummm, wow. 
there really are no words, loves. she made the entire show. 
so word to the wise, if you plan on going, may i suggest you go on a wednesday or saturday, i promise she is worth it.
this was without a doubt the best broadway show i have ever been to.
don't get me wrong, i have always thought Evita was good, great even...but not the best.
well, i was put in my place and then some from start to finish.
i think i literally gasped for breath at the beginning of the second act when she came out on the the balcony in her white sparkly ball gown and sang don't cry for me argentina 
{forever my fav broadway tune}, 
and i cried from start to finish.
ricky wasn't bad either. i find him extremely gorgeous.
i don't care if he doesn't swing my way. 
oh boy!

then it was back to thee BK for a night of much needed rest before we hit the ground running on day 3.
no literally, running occured.
until next time, xoxo. 


  1. I love that you two had such a great time in NY! And that you were able to benefit from the city passes Graham's parents bought. Someday, I'll tell our baby that she's the reason I couldn't make it through all the different museums we had tickets for. And hopefully she'll make up for it by becoming extremely rich and taking care of us in our old age. ;) I'm dying to hear what you thought of Newsies. Graham and I seriously LOVED it!