Friday, November 30, 2012

i want you back.

lately i have become entirely re-obsessed with this show,
like first season status.
i will be the FIRST person to tell you it went by the wayside in season 2.
i stopped watching.
i think you stopped watching.
i even wrote an i'm never gonna love this show again post about it.
and then something happened called season 4 and i am back to crying during musical numbers, loving my old fav characters again and actually caring what happens in the story line, rather than just watching to see what they sing.
holy oh my!

{remember the outfits from the first song in the first episode...full circle}

{pretty sure kate hudson looking like that after 2 kids is enough to make you never eat again}

the glease episode is by far and away the best ever done.
yes, that would include the if you didn't cry you have no heart grinch christmas epsiode way back when.
as you can see, a few things have changed...
a few breakups.
a new choir teacher.
a few new glee members.
a couple of famous new friends.
and rachel finally said goodbye to sweaters and knee socks.
so just like that...they have me eating out of the palm of their talented little hands again.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

thee lucky one.

birthdays. birthdays. birthdays.
i am no stranger to a good celebration, but usually in the way of someone else.
ever the party planner, never the attendee.
which is exactly the way i prefer it.
when it comes to my own birthday, 
dear gracious can i be a grump!
lucky for moi, i have a girl gang {as my mother calls them} who forever keep me from being able to be anything but happy & celebrating. weeeeeeee!

we began how all good birthday's truly begin...a middle of the night Twilight screening.
yes, i'm turning 26, no judgement please.

dear Marge kicked friday off good with a VIP lunchie at Houston's restaurant in Irvine,
and then a card that made me cry and cupcakes that made the chubby kid that surely lives inside me cheer for joy.

friday night belonged to my other office divas, kimmie k. & trena b.
KK decided to do it like Katy P. does it and made T do her makeup while she was laying down in bed.
a girl after my own heart.

all dressed up, our somewhere to go was laguna beach!
my girlies took me to my favorite mexican food place and kicked things off with our favorite drinks...
and ended it with fried ice cream and a birthday wish...

this morning i woke up with instructions to be ready by 9:30am for bff Rach to pick me up and whisk me away for a day full of epic surprise.
we started with my favorite breakfast.
don't let anyone say i'm high maintenance so long as i shall live.
with $4.35 you can make me just as happy as putting a pair of manolos in my hand.

rach then proceeded to blindfold me for a loonnggg drive to heaven only knows where.
i had us just about to TJ when we parked and i was un-blinded to...
if this location is strange and unfamiliar to you we probably can't continue with our friendship until you check it out {here}.
katie c. is my queen of queens and her show is nothing less that complete happiness, let alone a sure tale that proves hard work can get you exactly where you dream of being.

i was like a little girl in an american girl doll store for the next 2 hours!
the decor made me giddy with girly holiday delight...

{so i took pictures in the bathroom, you would too}

{you get water in wine glasses with your polish}

{my nail tech lauren, new soul sister for lyfe}
don't worry, the gals invited us to their christmas party in december and we WILL. BE. THERE.

after my reluctance to leave this little slice of heaven, 
we ventured down the 101 for surprise #3 of the day,
lunchie at STACKED annnnnddddd, our other best friend!!
seems like jr. high was just yesterday...actually not, but it sounds really great when you say things like that.

the restaurant was super fancy and fun.
you create your meal from scratch and order on ipads because paper menus are apparently a thing of the past.

and the surprise day ended with my favorite black bag, a side of diet coke and another wish.

i may not be exactly where i once thought i would be at almost 26, but i'm right where i'm meant to be.
surrounded by people who make my world go round.
i have always been and can only hope to continue to be surrounded by incredibly passionate, fun, loving, generous, happy people.
i am lucky.
oh so very, very lucky.
and you know what...i wouldn't trade it for all the money, houses, husbands and kids in the world.

xoxo, the birthday girl.

Friday, November 16, 2012

labels & love. {nyc: day 3}

you don't get any more New York Tourist than we did on saturday, as we made an entire day out of everything on and around thee ever famed 5th avenue.
dear MM warned us of the staggering lines at the Empire State Building, espeically on a saturday, so we were up and out of Brooklyn by 8...yes EIGHT am.
some vacation huh?!?
we made it to the Empire State Building by 8:30 and waltzed right through all the switchbacks and up 86 stories to get the ultimate view from the top.

now i am not generally afraid of heights.
looking down does nothing to me, especially in NYC where all the other buidlings are just as high, if not higher. so really, you don't feel like you are in the sky, but rather just a few stories about street level.
it is the looking up thing that makes my stomach do flip flops and has me holding on to a railing for dear life.
needless to say, i didn't look up.

after the ESB we hit up Grand Central Terminal to look for Serena Van Der Woodsen and check out the Whispering Wall on the bottom floor.
okay, so actually we had no idea what the Whispering Wall was, but we heard a family talking about it and then very stealthy followed them to it.

then it was time for one of the sites i was most looking forward to on the trip, the New York Public Library.
now i would like to pretend and tell you i was sooo looking forward to this because i have a degree in english and books forever make my heart beat a little faster.
and that is like 1/4 of the way true.
but mainly i was running toward this because it is the location of that almost was but really wasn't wedding of Big & Carrie in the Sex and the City movie.
which either makes me more or less of a cultured human being, depending on how you look at it.

after the library we continued up 5th to Rockefellar Center, which was really fun to see because last time i was in NYC it was covered in snow and twinkle lights and a big Christmas tree.
we went in the Lego Store and watched the skaters skate and then meandered inside of the building until we found lunch and a diet coke.
{are you seeing a theme with my NYC afternoons?!?}

after lunch with Liz Lemon and the gang we went to the famous shoe department of Saks,
and St. Patrick's Cathedral, 

which was full of scaffolding and construction, kind of like every single cathedral i visited when i moved to Europe!
some people joke that once you have seen a cathedral, you have seen them all.
but i never tire of seeing the faith our society still has in a power greater than our own.

after St. Patrick's we walked across the street to the Palace Hotel.  we almost walked right past because of, you guessed it, SCAFFOLDING.
i was a bit sad because the outside courtyard of the Palace is where every major scene of Gossip Girl has ever happened.  but then i walked into the lobby and turned that frown upside down because it is impossible to be sad in a place that looks like, well, like a palace.

hey GG fans, rememeber these stairs? i bet you do.

after a phone charge and reminisce down Gossip Girl lane we headed toward Bloomingdale's and Serendipity.

we got a bit sidetracked by the pretty colors at Dylan's Candy Bar and a quick picture in front of the store 
turned into a  
quick let's go inside so we can tell mom all about it 
turned into a  
let's explore the bottom floor 
turned into a  
ohhh these magnets are on sale, let's buy some 
turned into a  
let's see where these candy steps lead 
turned into a 
let's spend 2 hours here and never ever leave!

in fact, we tried to break free and go to Serendipity for dessert but everything at Dylan's looked so much better so we turned around and went back for some more fun and their version of a frozen hot chocolate.
{don't hate me, it was better than serendipity...gasp!}
it was by FAR one of our best stops on the trip so DO NOT miss out if you ever go.
everyone is happy and eating sugar and they had the best halloween music playing over the loud speaker.
we even had a view of Bloomingdale's for our treat.
done and done.

after Bloomies we headed to my mecca of the world, Bergdorf Goodman.


people have often asked me why i named my blog after this particular store.
my response is always the same: 
it's classy. it's magical. it's the only one in the entire world.
there is something about the one of a kind shopping experience there that has always put me in awe.
there are no cash registers on the floor.
everything is set out like it would be in your home...
from the rows of tables with china to the room of christmas trees filled with decor to the mannequins wearing this season's runway of a kind.
jackie o. got her innaguration dress from Bergdorfs.
and grace kelly dropped in unannounced and sans entourage to purchase her wedding invitations there.
for me, it is 7 stories of gorgeous bliss.

then we ventured to hello kitty land at FAO Schwartz,

visited the ding-dang-dong Plaza Hotel for the mcallisters and kevin,

had a late breakfast with audrey at Tiffany,

and walked past Bendels just to say we did it.

for our final shop stop we got on the subway and went down to the flatiron district for a little bit of Kate.
she was by far and away my favorite shopping experience of the trip.
they were having a friends and family sale and then in true kate spade fashion decided everyone was friends and family so the entire store was THIRTY percent off!
that's customer service if you ask me.
everything was cheerful. everyone was happy. they even had balloons!
caitlin found us immediately and helped us pick out the best christmas prezzie ever for mom, i am counting down the days until she opens it.

that evening we had pizza in times square at this restaurant located in an old chapel.  the food was super yum and the ambiance was gorgeous.
after that we met up with S & B to see NEWSIES!

it was wonderful.
however, my brother and i both agreed we made an unknown mistake by starting with Evita, after that nothing really seemed to compare.
so as much as i loved it, and i really did, it honestly seemed a titch mediocre compared to our show the night before.

and then we headed back to sesame street for a much needed night's sleep to prep for our Brooklyn advendure & Coney Island the next day.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

one day more.

it's going to be incredible.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

i vote by the soles of my shoes.

i met ann & mitt romney 7 years ago.
rumors were flying that he would one day run for president, but this was far before anyone ever thought they were true.
i had already met mitt at an event earlier that year, and was most women around him are.
a few months later i was invited to a dinner he and ann would be attending.
prior to the dinner, we were invited to attend a mix and mingle reception with the romneys.
my friend and i arrived to find a line outside of the dining room because they were over the fire code occupancy limit in the room.
by the time we finally were let in mitt & ann were leaving.
we scurried over to where they were standing to see if maybe we could catch them.
unfortunately, security stopped us and told us they were gone.
right as we turned around to leave the reception and get our seats for dinner, mitt stopped walking, came over to us and said, oh i have lots of time!
he then stopped ann and brought her over to chat with us too.
we took pictures, told ann how pretty she looked, laughed, talked about ridiculous things 19 year olds talk about to governors {huh?}, hugged and then let them on their way.
and that was that.

i don't know much in this world, but i do know this...
romney/ryan 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012

high flying, adored. {nyc: day 2}

our 2nd day in NYC was greeted with a lovely rainstorm...luckily, an expected rainstorm.
we were supposed to go on a bike ride in Central Park, but switched our reservations and headed to the Central Park Zoo, instead.
the great thing about rain is you tend to get the city to yourself, at least until you wander around a museum...more on that later.
we were the first at the zoo that morning and headed straight into thee tropical exhibit.
i mean literally IN the exhibit, as you walk around in there with the animals wandering all about.
 also, i was excited to get out of the blustery cold.
and that excitement lasted all of 2 seconds because the tropics were well...tropical, and hot.
so while i was peeling off my nyc layers, i was greeted by some pretty cute little ones.

and then headed out doors to see a few more cute critters...


and even stayed for the sea lion show put on by my first of many sure to be future nyc husbands.
he was dreamy ladies, trust me.

after the zoo, we headed through central park toward the history museum.
except mother nature seemed to have better plans for us, and we ended up waiting out a torrential down pour in an old toy shop that somewhat secretly exists in the middle of the park. whheee!
on our way to the American Museum on Natural History we found pizza and diet coke to make me a very happy lady.

side note: the people of New York love halloween on a whole new level.
reason #5,492 why i belong there.

we then hit up the museum, along with everyone else in the city, and i thoroughly enjoyed skiping from bench to bench while jm was like a 5 year old in a candy store.
i think this still remains #1 on his list.


we didn't really believe in a thing called rest on the trip, which means after the museum we hopped on the subway and headed down to Columbus Circle and over a bit to chill at The Empire Hotel, a la my favorite Gossip Girls.

we sat in the lobby and jm had to listen to me tell him all about the history of the hotel and the lobby and the roof through the eyes of a Gossip Girl expert.
while exiting The Empire we were stopped by some reporters for ABC News and interviewed about our opinion on fruit bars.
i was just super flattered i looked like a native new yorker.
one point for moi.

we walked over to the Time Warner Building and ate at Bouchon Bakery for dinner, thanks to MM's fabulous recommendation and, let me tell you, BB did not disappoint.
i am talking melt in your mouth buttery, creamy grilled cheese w/ tomato soup.
and i don't even like tomatoes! bible.
i was secretly/not so secretly hoping for a katie holmes/suri sighting, but we were not so lucky.
c'est la vie and on to the next thing...

we had a little extra time before our show so we danced around times square for a while, and did some disney shopping because there is no place like home.
and got major touristy with our photos.
when in rome...

Evita was our Friday show of choice and i had high hopes of Ricky Martin doing a La Vida Loca at curtain call.
well, loves, sadly the later did not happen.
i started a titch worried because i had heard from a few classy mouths that Elena Roger as Evita is a bit difficult to understand/screechy with the voice.
but because the role of Evita is so difficult to sing, 
they usually have two women playing her at one time.
and lucky us, Evita #2/understudy, christina decicco, decided to come out on a friday night and WOW...ummm, wow. 
there really are no words, loves. she made the entire show. 
so word to the wise, if you plan on going, may i suggest you go on a wednesday or saturday, i promise she is worth it.
this was without a doubt the best broadway show i have ever been to.
don't get me wrong, i have always thought Evita was good, great even...but not the best.
well, i was put in my place and then some from start to finish.
i think i literally gasped for breath at the beginning of the second act when she came out on the the balcony in her white sparkly ball gown and sang don't cry for me argentina 
{forever my fav broadway tune}, 
and i cried from start to finish.
ricky wasn't bad either. i find him extremely gorgeous.
i don't care if he doesn't swing my way. 
oh boy!

then it was back to thee BK for a night of much needed rest before we hit the ground running on day 3.
no literally, running occured.
until next time, xoxo.