Monday, October 8, 2012

you've got to be chuckin' kidding me.

as if today wasn't monday enough...
i came home to my satellite being completely out and my tv non-usable.
so moi...
the girl who started from day 1, episode 1.
the girl who has over 30 headbands with bows because blair waldorf taught me it was classy.
the girl who owns every season on dvd.
the girl who has been counting down the seconds since blair met chuck in that casino and went all in on making it work.
the girl who read every spoiler possible today on my lunch.
the girl who has the cw trailer memorized from repetitive views.
the girl who is going on vacation to NYC next week almost simply to take a picture in front of the Palace Hotel and maybe catch a glimpse of SVW herself.
is now the girl who will not be watching the last season premiere in gossip girl history live.
ummmm...there are no words.
except for those i wrote above.

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