Saturday, October 13, 2012

i found your picture{s} today.

oh hey there loves,
so i might be terrible at blogging lately, but i am still photoing my october away.
here is what you may have missed...

day 5: shadow.
slumber party diet coke; newport beach, ca.
gracias to ms. kardashian for the excellent hand heart.

day 6: today i'm thankful for.
mission countdown chart; anaheim, ca.
thee lil' bro is ALMOST home!

day 7: light.
halloweentown; anaheim, ca.
my favorite holiday of them all.

day 8: red.
currently listening on repeat; newport beach, ca.

day 10: emotion.
flu shot; newport beach, ca.
thankfully i have a really great office bestie who held my hand {literally} through the whole thing.

day 11: something close up.
bun-bun dinner time; anaheim, ca.

day 12: on the table.
halloween gingie house; anaheim, ca.
because my mom can outdo your mom at halloween any day of the year.


  1. Day 6.. <3

    And I love everything about Tayor Swift on that cover of her album.

  2. I absolutly love your pictures! I caem across your post while looking up Newport Beach vacation rentals. I really like the Halloweentown! Thanks for sharing.